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Privacy Policy: All e-mails given to my e-mail subscriptions will be respected through my privacy policy and will be used for just that, subscriptions to my blog posts and nothing more. 

Disclaimer:   I am in no way, shape or form affiliated or being compensated to advertise products that I display on my blog unless stated otherwise. 
I enjoy said products and my opinions are in fact honest and my own. 

I will also discuss my career at times, however I would/will never release any private or confidential information regarding patients and families that I care for. Not only is it against the HIPPA privacy rule and laws, I would never disrespect patient care nor my career as a Registered Nurse. So please, do not ask. 

Copywright:  All images and content are copywritten by Katie Scarlett Chronicles. Please do not use any images or content without permission. 

Thank you for the never ending support & positivity that you all have shared! 
You all have made this possible! 💖

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