At times I feel like the last six months have been one longgggg blur, and at times the day feels like Groundhog Day, but most moments, I still can't believe I have this tiny being in my life that brings  such joy to our family! 💖

Ellie has turned six months old! Happy 1/2 Birthday baby girl! She continues to grow by the minute and its so bittersweet!

At her most recent checkup, she is 26 inches long and weighs 15 pounds 8 ounces. She is making her way into size 3 diapers and still continues to poop like a grown man. I'm still astounded by this talent. I'm still trying to squeeze her into some smaller outfits but for the most part she's growing out of 6 month clothing and working her way into 9 month outfits! 😭 If I could just bottle up these special days and replay them over and over I would!

Every day brings something new and it really is exciting to see the world through her eyes. Recently, we picked up this mini pool for two bucks at Marshalls. I'm mad I didn't think of buying one sooner because for a while there we were stuck indoors with nothing to do. Dang Florida heat! 🔥But she loves it! She splashes while she watches the dogs run around in our backyard and its nice to do something so simple yet so enjoyable with her.

Some of Ellie's other favorites also include baths, bouncing in her bouncer and spending time with her Dad. She is a total Daddy's girl! Her eyes light up anything he comes home from work or walks into the room. I'm so happy that she's so smitten with him and I'm so lucky with how involved he is when I need him to be. I'm going on a girl's trip later on this month and I'm super nervous! I know she's going to be in good hands, but I can't help but cringe at the exact moment I'm going to be leaving her for the weekend. 💔

Six months has also kind of brought us into a more scheduled routine. She's slowwwwlyyyy eating more. I was kinda scolded at her appointment for not dabbling too much into baby food purees but this girl wants real food! Her favorites have been waffles, toast and the teething biscuits. I wouldn't say she's technically 'eating' them, more so gnawing them into mush. 

She also drinks about 5 and 1/2 ounces for each bottle and loves to munch on frozen pops. I've been freezing pouch purees and purees I've made and she goes nuts over them! I like that they probably feel good on her teeth too. 

I'm still pumping. Exclusively pumping for six months was my first goal and I'm honestly so shocked I made it this far. It has been such a tedious process and I can't even count the amount of times I've put off pump times but its pretty cool to think that I've fed a human for six whole months. It's been worth it. I'm going to start weaning soon. I have about 2000 ounces frozen and I'm down to about four pumping sessions a day. But I think I'm just ready. As good as I've become at it, I'm tired of living life from pump to pump.

Her nap consistencies have also become more consistent over the last month. I try to time our playdates or errands around her sleep schedule because she becomes unruly if she doesn't get in at least one daytime nap. We have also embraced the co-sleeping life. Hate on it if you must. I had swore before I had kids I'd never co-sleep and my kids would sleep in their cribs, but unless you haven't slept longer than 4 hours at a time for months on end, you do what you have to do. In a weird way, we enjoy it. She's close to us and waking up to her babbling to herself or touching my face melts me every single morning. I wouldn't change it for anything! 😻

Ellie is growing so fast! Work has kept me busy and we have so much stuff going on with our house, it looks like a construction bomb has gone off. Jimmy has built us a garden, he's in the works of laying pavers, building a pergola and we're actually decorating the walls three years in. Better late than never! Bringing a whole new meaning to Labor Day! I'm also turning 29 this month. I have so many different emotions about it but I'll save that for later. 

I can't wait to see what this next month brings! Hopefully cooler weather and less rain! Here we go September! 😺

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