Hi everyone! We've been missing in action for sure from the blog but we've never been better, just chugging along! I still can't believe we have a four month old! I was at the grocery store the other day when a lady stopped us. As we were talking she asked how old Ellie was and as the words 'four months' came out of my mouth, I almost started crying right there. Literally felt my throat tighten and tears form. A big slap of life right to the face!

The days have been busy the last few weeks between balancing work, caring for Ellie and trying to be a sane human for Jimmy's sake. Some days have seemed long, hell some have even seemed to happen way to quick but all the same, Baby Eleanor has grown another month older right before our very eyes! If you need me, I'll still be in the corner crying at how big my baby has gotten. 😭

Even though Ellie officially turned four months last week (I'm still a hot mess new mom trying to do it all, excuse me), heres a little bit of whats been going on since our last monthly update! 

Little girl is weighing in at 13 pounds and 4 ounces and measures 25 inches long! She is definitely long and tall like her dad (who's 6'2) her Grandpa Vilis (who's 6'8) and just like the rest of the Morgan family on Jimmy's side. They're all pretty tall so she's got the string bean gene going on there. She also measured in the 90th percentile for her head. Poor kid! 😁 Sorry Ellie, just means you've got a big brain in that noggin of yours. 

After having my own baby, I'm just so shocked at how quickly they grow! You hear it from so many people but until you experience it yourself, theres no way to ever believe how much they change in such a short time frame. I've packed all of her 0-3 month and 3 month clothing and she's wearing mostly 3-6 month stuff right now. I still squeeze her in some of my favorite outfits (she's comfortable of course!), the ones that I just can't bear to put away yet. And I've started washing her 6 month clothes because she's so long! Next kid is getting hand me downs like crazy if its a girl. I'm up to my ears in baby clothes. 😜

As far as other mostly milestones, she is rolling or was. She has grown quite fond of mom and dad holding her and has become quite lazy when its tummy time or when she's laying on the mat. 😂 She will get halfway through a roll and then quit even though she's done it before. Us girls are definitely stubborn. Our pediatrician also gave us the okay to start cereal and small foods if we wanted but because she is such a snacker during the day with breastmilk, we decided to hold off until six months or when she can finish more than 2-3 ounces at a time without getting distracted. This way she isn't filling up on dense foods and missing out on nutrients in her milk. I've been looking into Baby Led Weaning a lot of the past few days and am really interested in it - which is funny as how I had probably the WORST diet during my entire pregnancy and post-partum. 

So if anyone has done it, shoot me a message with tips please! 

We celebrated Mother's and Father's day since our last update. For both we did absolutely nothing, which is EXACTLY what both Jimmy and I wanted. For Father's Day, I customized a star map for Jimmy at the exact time and place of Ellie's birthplace. It was really cool and great quality. He loved it and it's proudly displaced in his office. I ordered it from this link if anyone wants to check it out or needs a really neat gift idea! 

I have also been back to work for a little over a month and a half, and honestly I thought it would've gotten easier by now but sadly, it hasn't. The job itself hasn't been difficult. Aside from walking into our nutrition room and forgetting why I was there in the first place every once in a while, I pretty much fell back into routine as a nurse. Its the anxiety and worrying about being away from her while I'm there that never fails to get to me. I know she is being cared for and I'm so lucky to have a job where I can see her everyday, its just now clear to me why moms quit their careers for their babies. I probably say ten times a day over text to Jimmy and my mom "whats she doing?" "send me her picture." "i miss her! 😭" "how much did she drink? "is she napping?" "did she cry?" "kiss her for me!". 

Yes, literally all these things, word. for. word. 

In a weird way, its pretty obsessive. I know this is probably how motherhood is for everyone when they first go back to work or leave their babies for a bit of time so I'm not too scared to admit my paranoia. I just can't help but think about her practically every second I'm not preoccupied with other people's medical emergencies. 

But for real, I'd stay home with you if I could Ellie girl. 🙊

Four months has been such a fun age! She has truly developed such a personality, and we are completely smitten with every smile, side eye, scorn and laugh she has given us! 💖

Time has gone by too fast and I'm enjoying every moment I spend with this little girl and Jimmy. I think we have grown personally and as a family so much since having this little bean pole. In the grand scheme of things, life is wayyy too short, so we've just been trying to live the best day possible with what we're given lately. I can't complain, even though deep down I'm secretly waiting for the bottom to fall out, each second that passes is such a blessing and for that I'm thankful.

I hope to write something sooner, before Ellie's five month update rolls around, but if not just know we're over here living our best life! Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. It's so fun to start seeing their personality emerge! And it's totally normal to have those feelings. I'm home with Callisto all the time and if I leave him to go to the store real quick I do the same thing! I mean I didn't leave him till after a year! Haha look forward to the next update!

    1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one! So much love for our babies! <3