I've sat down to write this post probably ten times in the last week and every time I get distracted and come back to find my laptop has gone to sleep and then decide I probably should do something more productive. But finally, I'm here. Ellie is asleep and I'm pumping. Surprise, surprise.

I can't wrap my brain around the fact that Ellie has been in our lives for three months! 12 Weeks of being able to watch her grow into this little human, I mean how did we get so lucky?! Just recently she has blossomed and gained such a personality of her own, I'm constantly flopping back and forth between who she favors most between Jimmy and I.

I could just eat her up, I love her so!

Three months old and this little girl has completely stolen our hearts! Every day she never ceases to amaze me by the things she does. Honestly, in such a short amount of time, she has learned to roll over from her stomach to her back, she 'talks' while making the most adorable sounds. Every 'ohh' or 'ahh' makes my heart melt and I find myself just babbling back at her. She has also found her hands this month and constantly is flexing her arms to her face so she can gnaw on them! And even just yesterday she has started to blow raspberries! I had to literally pull the car over to make sure it was her making those noises from her car seat! 😭 

It's so true, they really don't stay little for long! 

This right here has been my FAVORITE thing to do lately. Just holding her and loving this little girl makes my day. I know I will look back and cherish all of our afternoon naps together. I can't help but throw aside the chores that need to be done to just rock her to sleep and admire her sweet face. 💝

I went back to work and that has been such a hard adjustment for us both. More so me. 💔 I now know why moms quit their jobs or work less hours. It's so hard to leave her and even though I know she is being taken care of and in good hands, I feel a little part of me that breaks each time. Luckily, I have a pretty busy pace that keeps my mind off of the 'what ifs' while I'm working and the time does fly by when I'm not there but it really does hurt to think that each time I say goodbye, its the last time I'll see her that little for that day.  And thats a hard pill to swallow. 

We're adjusting though. We're finally getting into a groove that works for us and its much easier to pick up on her cues. The last few weeks she has been sleeping longer at night and only waking to take a bottle and then goes right back to sleep! Hallelujah! I, however am still getting up during the night to pump. Jimmy was so kind to buy me a deep freezer for Mother's Day because we ran out of room at our house and my mom's! 

I'm hoping soon in the future I'll be able to cut that pump out because I am FOREVER tired. It's painful to think that I haven't slept for more than four hours at a time since Ellie was born. Sayyyyyy what? 😁

We don't have much coming up, except soaking up as much time as we can with this precious girl. I swear every day she grows ten times bigger. I was looking at her pictures the other night before bed and I can't believe she was ever so small! Nor can I believe she was ever inside of me. I don't even remember what that felt like anymore. 😞 I used to try to envision what she would be like, but she has by far exceeded my expectations. 

Jimmy and I couldn't imagine life without her. We are honestly so blessed to be her mom & dad! 💖


It's Mother's Day and honestly I am still in shock sometimes that I'm even a mom. I'm in disbelief that Ellie has been in our lives for close to three months already! Time has flown by and I am in awe in the things that she does every day! 😍

In the short few months she has been here, Ellie has taught me so many things about life without even realizing it! They say everything changes after having a child and it couldn't be any more true! There are things that you just don't understand until you become a parent and while I am no expert, I can honestly say my perspective on life has completely changed from before the day Ellie was born.

Life has such a new meaning. The priorities I once had, are no more and everyday that I get to wake up and spend time with my family and friends is such a blessing! Blessings that not everyone is lucky enough to experience in a lifetime. Becoming a mom has taught me that these moments and experiences are what really matter. Witnessing Ellie grow everyday just sheds new meaning to just that. I love being her mom and watching her discover her own self over these past few months. And while today, I may not feel any more special than I did yesterday or how I'll feel tomorrow, I am lucky because I get to be Ellie's mom.

As a Mother's Day surprise, me and my sister decided to have pictures done of us and our little babes for our mom. We actually gave them to her two weeks ago for her birthday because we were so excited about them. Also, because we are pretty terrible at keeping secrets. It was so windy and sand was blowing everywhere. Ellie was pretty much on the verge of a meltdown the entire time and I was scared shitless that we weren't going to get any good shots because of it. But honestly, our photographer captured exactly what we wanted. And that was us, just us plain and simple and enjoying being with each other - she is so freaking amazing by the way! 

I am in love with these photos and am so happy to see that even though the conditions weren't ideal and I felt panicky the entire time, these pictures are everything! I'm so glad we could give something so sentimental to our mom and also capture time standing still for my sister and I with our babies. So I hope that as time continues to march forward we will be able to look back at these photos and remember the memories we created since then and even before. And know just how lucky we are to call this chaotic life ours and how great it is to be mothers to our children. 

Today was simple and perfect and just what I needed. I want to wish every mom out there a very Happy Mother's Day! Keep doing what you're doing, because even on the days you feel like your failing miserably, you aren't. You're doing your best and thats what being a mom is all about. 💝