The days are long but the year is short! And it seems to keep getting shorter and shorter! 😭

Ellie is officially two months old as of this past Tuesday! At her doctors appointment she weighed 11 pounds and 5 ounces and was 22 and a half inches long! Little chunk is getting so big and is seriously outgrowing clothes left and right. Goodbye to all her newborn clothes, hello three month sizes! I had to exchange quite a few diaper packages also for size 2's because her belly is popping out of the size 1's. Not to mention one day we had blow out central and had to toss several onesies! Oops! 😳

We're still getting the hang of napping during the day and at night we get a long stretch of four hours or so before she wakes up for her first feeding. Sometimes I cheat and give her a bottle two hours into her sleeping and that will buy Jimmy and I a few more hours. 😁 Anything for just a couple more hours! But for the most part night time isn't so draining anymore. She'll wake up, eat and go back to sleep. 

Jimmy's mom and niece came to visit this past weekend which was nice because they got to meet Ellie! I'm so glad they came and were able to hold and love on her while she was so little! It was a short visit but I know we will see each other before we know it again! We all went to the zoo for Ellie's first time when they were here. My mom brought let my nephew skip school so we spent a few hours walking around looking at all the animals. This kid loves being outside! She's so calm and just looks around at everything! 

Ellie and the Meerkats. 


We also got back some of Ellie's "newborn" pictures. I say "newborn" because I failed to get actual pictures done until she was almost a month old ---> mother of the year award over here. The funny thing is when you get ready to have a baby people say your whole life changes but I'd like to point out that your WHOLE LIFE CHANGES! They should really teach a class to new parents about how you'll possibly find yourself taking two part showers, washing your hair one day and your body the next. Or teach you how to poop while your baby stares at you so they won't cry hysterically from the other room. These are the life changes no one warns you about! So yeah, I forgot to get newborn pictures done of my kid, priorities. 

Anyways, they turned out so cute! I could honestly stare at picture of Jimmy holding her for hours! Sometimes I can't believe that she's still our and she's here. I feel like my pregnancy was such a blur and I can't remember life before her now. She's starting to do all the cute baby stuff now like smile and laugh whenever she sees people. Her face lights up when she sees Jimmy! He has such a way with her, like she just falls asleep at night in his arms. Meanwhile, I'm rocking my feet off just for her to close her eyes for three minutes. 😂 Another thing they don't teach you, moms do all the hard work and dad's come in and steal the show! 

She's grown so much from this picture already, its mind blowing. These past eight weeks have FLOWN by but I'm so grateful for every day I get to stay home with her. Only just over three weeks until I have to go back to work. 😔 

So here's to making every little moment count in these last few days! 💕

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