I feel like I say this over and over again but where is the time going? And how the heck is it already the middle of March?! As of Tuesday night, Ellie was officially three weeks old! And I'm so so sad that next week she'll be a whole month old! Please someone get me another box of tissues and wipe my tears! 😭

I mean just look at this precious face!

The last three weeks have been such a rollercoaster! We've had many sleepless nights in our house, the dogs included! Ellie is such a particular sleeper. We are finding she has to be completely zonked before we can put her down to sleep after feeding or changing her. And if we're lucky she'll stay asleep but most of the time she'll wake back up and we have to start all over again! It has been draining and I honestly dread nights and sleeping. Its hard but I know its only temporary so when its just her and I awake at night and I'm rocking her to sleep, I just keep reminding myself that she won't be this little for long and these nights are few and far between. And then the emotions just keep rolling until I don't want to put her down! 😂 Especially when she cracks a smile when she's almost asleep!

Overall, she is doing amazing though! She is eating like a champ and takes about three ounces at every feeding. At her doctors appointment last week she had gained a whole pound and I'm anxious to see how much she's gained at her one month appointment. I'm starting to notice her little rolls on her thighs and even around her arms started to plump up and she has a tiny double chin starting to form! I just can't help but kiss it every time it sticks out after she's done eating! She is doing great with a bottle and has definitely shown a preference to it over me. I think mostly because its quicker and she doesn't have to work as hard so I have been exclusively pumping over the past two weeks for the most part. I've been producing so much milk at times its hard for her to latch and it will get us in a good routine for when I have to go back to work. Which is right around the corner! 😿

We've been getting out more often in the past week. Jimmy and I have been taking advantage of the weather and taking walks in the evening. She seems to like being outside being that she looks around and doesn't cry. She's also done really good when Jimmy and I took her out to dinner with us one night and even on her first trip to Target with my mom and my sister. I find myself constantly checking the time when we're out in fear that its almost time to pump or for her to eat. Everything is by a schedule now. Tick tock! If I wasn't super obsessive about time before having her, I certainly am now!

I've also had to start packing away some of her newborn clothes! She is getting so long that her legs are scrunched up and it seems like hardly anything will zip or button comfortably for her. I feel like every night I have to put something aside that doesn't fit and it makes me so sad inside! I want to save everything but I know it isn't practical nor do I have the room for a second wardrobe. Luckily, I know a few people who are having little girls so I can gladly pass them on to a good home. Everything about her growing makes me so emotional! Don't e even get me started about changing her last newborn diaper last night. I literally cried while trying to put her back to sleep and trying to keep from waking Jimmy! 😂 I was definitely a sight for sore eyes! 

Life has been so different but also so good! I love spending the time home with her and I can completely understand why moms choose to stay home with their littles until they go to school. I feel like she constantly needs me, even when people are over helping us out. I get anxious when she cries and I have to hold my tongue when I feel like people aren't "doing it the way she likes". It's hard letting go and letting someone else gain control of your babies care. I'd rather go without and care for her then feel like she's missing something that could make her more comfortable. Some days its noon before I realize I haven't eaten or had anything to drink but we're making it work. These are the days I know I'm certainly going to miss, these are the days when our life is truly happening. 💝 And honestly, as hectic as they seem, they are absolutely perfect days! 

Until her one month update! 


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