So I'm a little late (what else is new?) with Ellie's one month update but none the less here it is! It's so hard to make time to do household stuff, let alone sit down and type anything up! I miss posting and keeping you all updated but I enjoy taking care of Ellie more. 💕


At her One Month appointment, she weighed in at 9.9 lbs and has grown to be 21 and 3/4 of an inch! She's growing like a weed and I've had to officially set aside all of her newborn clothes! 😭

She is still wide awake as ever before and we had a week stretch where she refused to nap AT ALL during the day! I literally thought some days I was going to die of exhaustion, but we made it people! I'm still amazed that I used to need ten hours of sleep to function but now broken sleep has become the new norm. During the day, she's hit or miss on napping. Sometimes it might be an hour, and others I'll be lucky to get ten minutes at a time. 💤 At night, she's still waking up every two hours to eat, so its safe to say we're still in that tired all the time stage for Jimmy & I.

One of her favorites besides eating, is bath time! She absolutely loves the warm water and I swear she smiles every time we wash her hair! It's the cutest thing to see her little baby body wrapped up in these giant bath towels! We lotion her up and she smells so good! Post baby bath has to be one of the most euphoric smells out there! I feel like such a weirdo sometimes because I smell her constantly when I'm rocking her to sleep or just snuggling her! Its the best!

Another thing she really loves is car rides! She hates getting into her carseat but once she's in and snug she almost immediately stops crying. We took her on her first 'road trip' to Orlando this past weekend and she slept the entire way there and back! I took advantage of Jimmy driving and snuck in a nap of my own! 😂 I was really nervous because we would be gone the majority of the day but she did great! She woke up to eat and when she was getting changed and then back asleep! It was such a good day and I'm glad that Jimmy and I got to spend time together with her.

First Family 'RoadTrip'! 💗

I can't believe how much she's growing! We're just trying to enjoy every moment of her! Especially since I got back to work in less than two months! 😪 I feel like she'll never be ready, nor will I for that day to come but I'm happy that I will get be with her even half the day when I do have to work. 

Until that day comes though, we are so glad to be with each other at home! 

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