Week one of parenthood is in the books you guys! It's been seven whole days since this little beauty came into our lives and Jimmy & I are absolutely smitten with every bit of her! 😍 

I can't wrap my head around that she's already a week old - time really does pass so quickly! Someone please make it stop! It's been such a fast transition from our "old life" to parenthood that I don't even know where to begin. It seems like pre-pregnancy is such a distant life already and feedings, pumping, poops in the middle of the night and constant cuddling is the new normal for our household. I have no complaints though, she's worth every second of sleep deprivation and everything else that parenthood brings! 

Overall, we've been adjusting great! Jimmy and I have just trying to soak in every moment while she's still so little because she's changed SO MUCH in one week already! We have had so many visitors and support this week & we are so thankful for everyone! 

Blogging will probably take a back seat for a little bit. I want to focus on little girl and spend as much time with her and Jimmy before he has to go back to work. 💝 But for now, all of our love! 

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