Well, we are STILL. PREGNANT! 41 Weeks & counting! 😨

I am in disbelief that this kid has not made her grand debut into this world. But I don't think I can even fathom that I'd have a one week old at this point if she came on her due date. I'm not going to do a BumpDate this week because honestly nothing has changed. My nerves are at an all time high, the dogs barking annoys me, and I have noticed myself subconsciously pacing around the house from room to room without any objective in mind. These last few days have been a real mind game I tell you. 

However, while waiting I thought it would be a good idea to share Ellie's nursery and how its organized (not like it will stay like this for long!) since I got such tremendous feedback on her room and inquires about her decor and furniture! Originally, I stumbled across some nursery organization pins on Pinterest which then lead me to another pin and to another until finally I found the mother of all pins (found here) for the EXACT dresser that we had purchased from IKEA!

So to begin, as you can see our HEMNES dresser has four smaller drawers on top & four larger and longer drawers below - perfect for all of baby girl's countless outfits, headbands, bibs etc. Like I had seen on the pin that prompted this organization, while we were at IKEA purchasing this dresser, I also picked up five packs of the SKUBB organizing bins that fit exactly into these drawers! They come with a package of six total boxes that are interchangeable & collapsable when not in use. 

Well played, IKEA! After configuring them into the appropriate drawers, I just starting tossing stuff around in hopes of finding a place that worked for when baby Ellie arrived! Guess we'll have a little trial and error sessions once she does. So in order from drawer one to eight, lets have a peek inside! 😺

Drawer One

I decided to put all of her little socks & bibs in this drawer because I figure they'll be used a lot. Not to mention we have somehow accumulated a whole bunch of these little things I swear we could cloth two or three babies! I took it as a sign we'd be either needing or losing them so I wanted them in easy reach when I have her on the changing table. 

Drawer Two

This drawer holds all of her pacifiers & little wipes we received at her shower. I have somehow started a pacifier collection without knowing it - thanks to welcome boxes and registry gifts. I'm really going to be up creek if she doesn't even like them! 😂 I also put her headbands and bows in the larger container that backs into the drawer because she has SO MANY of them! It must be a newborn staple for little girls! 

Drawer Three

We got a ton of health and little sample stuff for our shower that hoarding them all in one tiny drawer was a big mistake. I just put what I needed in this drawer such as a brush and nasal suctions for her and random samples like lotions, diaper creams and little baby oils. It's going to be hard to stay organized when theres tons of tiny pieces floating around! 

Drawer Four

As the we move down the drawers, this one falls right below the diaper caddy that sits on top of her dresser. And while the caddy holds a good amount of what I'll use on a daily basis such as diapers, wipes, creams etc. I thought it was good idea to keep diaper disposal bags, changing table pads and extra diapers right below. Because lets be real, a baby can never have enough diapers and even the thought of one of those diaper pails totally grossed me out from Day 1! 

Drawer Five

And now on to the fun stuff - all of little girls clothes! This drawer is mostly filled with pajamas and newborns gowns that we'll be using until she starts growing a bit! I found such a cute way to roll her clothes (found here) so that they all fit perfectly in the organizers. I find all of the colors so mesmerizing! 

Drawer Six

Again, rolling her tiny outfits seems like the best way to keep things neat - for now at least. I'm so what crazy for setting the bar so high for myself now because in a week's time its going to be so messy and I'll be sleep deprived, I'll be putting her in whatever I can find. So the larger organizers contain her Newborn outfits and pants to the left & her 0 - 3 Month clothes to the right. 

Drawer Seven

I'm not going to lie, this drawer is probably my favorite because of all the colors, patterns and just the overall way it fits together. I've always had a little artsy side I've kept hidden and I think it's calling it to come out and play. I've got all of her swaddles and burp cloths in this drawer and believe me there are TONS of them! 

Drawer Eight

This is kind of a misc. drawer. We're got thicker blankets, head rests, smaller burp clothes, changing table covers and cribs sheets all rolled up and stuffed in! Probably the softest & pinkest drawer in her dresser! 💕

Ellie's Closet

A little back story about little girl's closet includes her dad ripping out the wiring attached to the walls about three weeks before her due date. 😁 Thankfully, she's a week late because I was stressing every. single. day. that her clothes were piled everywhere! One weekend, Jimmy put this beauty together! He cut, painted and measured every piece and rod to mimic some of the best 'simple' closets we could find on Pinterest.

With a little organization from wire baskets, and other things we got from her shower, every piece has a place! I hung all of her older pajamas and clothes up to the left for later use and all of her nicer outfits up to the right! I am obsessed with all of her tiny dressers & rompers! Since the lower rod hangs closer to the tile, I hung up onesies that won't fit her for another six months. The middle sections houses her HUGE baby box that our relatives gave us, a shelf for her shoes and of course the rest is home to diapers, wipes & more diapers!

This post was definitely in more depth than I had originally planned. I'd like to do a follow up in a few months to assess the damages! 😂 But for now, I hope you enjoyed & if you stumbled across this in hopes of gaining some Nursery Organization skills, I hope to have steered you in the right direction!

 I hope the next post yields better news - like a baby arriving! But until then, my couch is calling.


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