Happy Saturday Everyone! 😊

While it seems like the entire nation is preparing for the Super Bowl tomorrow, I'm over here at the Morgan House arranging & rearranging random stuff in Ellie's room while crossing my fingers that TODAY will be THE DAY she decides to make her debut! I've had great company though, the dogs have yet to leave my side, especially Gunny, our white shepherd. I swear he knows! He follows me from her crib, to the bathroom, to the laundry room and back to her room without missing a beat!

I only have a week until my official due date but I'm still hopeful she could come anytime and that itself has caused my nesting to kick into overdrive! She still doesn't have a finished closest as Jimmy works and goes to school full time, meanwhile he's prepping as much as he can for his leave at work, so her closest has fallen on the back burner. Mehh, but she has a dresser FULL of clothes and to be honest, onesies are more easy to manage thrown into a drawer or a laundry basket then hung up on little hangers in the closet! 😂 I'm learning to embrace the chaos already!

I tried to take multiple angles and link all the minute details because Jimmy & I have really worked hard to make her nursery a comfortable space fir her long awaited arrival! Well, mostly Jimmy but I was the mastermind behind the hammer and the decor! I'm still waiting on her curtains to arrive from Target & two wooden signs to be shipped which I'm super excited about. I'm sure I'll post them when they get here!

But for now, I hope you all enjoy Baby Ellie's nursery reveal! 💖

Wall Color - Romantic Mauve by HGTV Sherman Williams Paint
Porcelain Wooden Tile - Sequoia Ballpark

Wooden Sign from Vintage Rehab Market
Bookcase - Slumber Time Monterey Bookcase from Target

Books from Ellie's Shower! Signed by family & friends! 💕
Girly Robot Statue - Marshall's 

Board Books from Ellie's Shower! 
Misc. Rattles, Teethers & Toys - IKEABurt's Bees Baby, Target & Pottery Barn Kids 
White A-Z Book Ends from Target

Jumbo Plush Animal Stacker from Pottery Barn Kids

Rope Dreamcatcher - Marshall's 

Portable Sleeper - Doc-A-Tot Deluxe 
Batik Bee Crib Sheet from Burt's Bees Baby

Batik Bee Quilt from Burt's Bees Baby 🍯

Faux Fawn Critter Chair from Pottery Barn Kids

Charcoal Glider from Target
&& Jimmy's quilted baby blanket from when he was a baby! 

Striped Changing Table Cover from Burt's Bees Baby

Vintage Knobs from Marshall's - Jimmy replaced the original ones from IKEA
Diaper Caddy - Baby Shower gift 💝

Woven Fabric Basket from Pottery Barn Kids
Faux Fawn Play Mat from Pottery Barn Kids

I probably took WAYYYY too many pictures but I just couldn't stop! In the beginning I had this vision and it morphed over time into what you see here. We couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out! Jimmy worked so hard to paint, build and cut all the molding, tile and furniture! With the many thanks from friends & family and our baby shower, little girl is MORE than set to enter this world in comfort thats for sure! I can't wait to finish it completely with her curtains and her signs. I have a wooden name plate being made for above her changing table & another in the works for above the glider so really not much left to do before she comes - minus the closet! 😳

In other news, we hit 39 Weeks officially tomorrow and my next doctors appointment is Monday. I have three more shifts left of work until my leave begins unless I go into labor - my fingers are crossed she comes first!


  1. It came out so beautiful! Everything just goes so perfectly together. And I have the same crib!

  2. Hello, A beautiful nursery! Did you purchase the dark grey stained or black/brown Hemnes dresser from Ikea?

  3. Thank you! We did purchase the Hemnes dresser from Ikea. There is a direct link below the photo for easy access. 🤗