We're still pregnant everyone! As much as I wish her out, I'm very grateful that she is still tucked safely in my belly and she's cooking away! πŸ’•

Yesterday marked 39 Weeks for little Ellie girl and today confirmed at my doctors appointment she is still a ticking time bomb. They're confident she could come anytime and while I'm getting more worked up by the second, in my mind she's definitely locked in there for what seems like the long haul!

I'm obsessing over what could be the "last day" with this belly and I'm definitely documenting it with pictures! I want to be able to look back and see these precious moments because she won't be in there forever! 😭 I'm also doing our BumpDate a little earlier in the week because I'm still keeping my fingers crossed she'll make her debut earlier than her due date on Sunday - or even beyond that!

Here's our 39 Week BumpDate:

How Far Along: 39 Weeks and 2 Days! 
Total Weight Gain: +25.4 lbs as of today at my doctor's appointment! Surprisingly, given my diet the past 9 months! 😝  
Maternity Clothes: All black everything as you can see - I think I've worn black leggings for the past 90 days of my life at least. πŸ’£And loving these stretchy tank maternity clothes from Target, I actually bought 2 more this week for after Ellie is born!    
Sleeping: Trying to get as much sleep as I can but I'm so antsy it takes me FOREVER to fall asleep these days.  
Best Moment This Week: Spending quality time at home with the dogs and Jimmy, I've become attached to the couch and most of the time I refuse to move. 
Movement:  She's still head down but now she has decided her favorite thing to do is stick her feet through my left ribs. It literally will stop me in my tracks! πŸ˜ͺ  
Food Cravings: Still no cravings but Jimmy and I have been on a breakfast kick! We've been fixing scrambled eggs and veggie omelets pretty much every morning with OJ! 🍊🍳 And sometimes even a late night breakfast quesadilla! 
Sickness or Health: Physically, I feel good. Work is going good, & I'm getting decent sleep. I don't have any complaints really other than I'm just ready. Its hard to explain but I'm just so ready for her to come, mentally I'm super anxious and antsy - its like a looming cloud constantly thinking about when she's going to make her debut! 
Mood: πŸ˜Ά ⇈⇈⇈
Pregnancy Wisdom: Baby Morgan is the size of a mini watermelon! Yikes!
Weekly Milestone: Still continuing our weekly appointments, let the waiting game continue!  

I start my maternity leave this week - which is insanely scary! I only have two shifts left to go and to be honest, as much as I love working, I'm looking forward to spending some much needed time at home adjusting to our new life. I know its going to be sooo much to take in all at once and an adjustment for Jimmy and I but I'm confident we're going to be just fine. We've spent so much time wondering and waiting on her during these past nine months, its so surreal that any moment we could meet her! 😬 

We plan to make our closest family and friends aware once we are admitted to the hospital and once she's born we're requesting we get to spend a good few hours of quality time alone just her, Jimmy and I. I was conflicted at first but I keep telling myself I shouldn't feel guilty about this - it's our first baby, we get to be selfish! 

As far as delivery, my midwives ask me every appointment about a birth plan and honestly I have no idea what to expect! I can only hope that things go smooth and she arrives without any issues. I don't have any preference except god willing, I don't want to be induced and I don't want a cesarean. But what will be, will be! 

So fingers crossed for our growing family & a safe arrival for little girl! 

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