Happy New Year from The Morgan Family! 🎉

This year I rang in the New Year at work with the best crew I could ever ask for! We were actually quite busy in the emergency room, so with five minutes left to spare until midnight, we struggled to assemble plastic flutes & open sparkling grape cider bottles for our "champagne toast"! Even though out toast didn't quite happen until fifteen minutes past, it was New Years, the year 2018! 🎇 And in a unit where it consists of controlled chaos, New Years was whatever time we made it!

This week had been a busy one for our house! I work in a field that never stops - no, not even for holidays. Sometimes a blessing and yes, sometimes feels like a curse, I celebrated New Years Eve and a portion of New Years Day taking care of people who weren't having such a hot start to this new year while Jimmy went back to work this past Tuesday after a little winter vacation. We also had little girls 34 Week check up this past Wednesday and let me tell you this girl is growing as well as this belly!

Our BumpDate is almost a day late but hey, I'm tired and didn't really care to put any effort into this week's picture. 😴 This is real life people, get a good look at it! Sorry, not sorry but this third trimester thing is exhausting!

This week's BumpDate: 

How Far Along: 34 Weeks and 7 Days 
Total Weight Gain: I've officially gained 19lbs as of Wednesday! It's all belly my doctor says and that little girl is growing like a weed so not to worry! 
Maternity Clothes: This is what I wear on a daily basis ↑ 😬 fashionable right?!  I literally change from scrubs, to pajamas to leggings and t-shirts during the day. Nothing else feels comfortable and putting any effort into outfits has become a chore and honestly, I'm not interested. 
Sleeping: Oh man! I sleep non-stop these days. It crept up on me something fierce! Still having some trouble getting to sleep but once I am, I sleep for 10+ hours every single time, no problem! 😴
Best Moment This Week: Welcoming 2018 & looking back as such a wonderful 2017!  
Movement:  Still wiggling like theres no tomorrow. She loves to sit under my right ribs which makes breathing a taddddddd bit difficult sometimes. 
Food Cravings: I'm really into pineapple, the Little Cuties tangerines and waffles this week. 🍊🍍
Sickness or Health: I think I'm finally on the tail end of the congestion train I had been riding the last few weeks. Fingers crossed for smooth sailings over the next few to come!  
Mood: I'm trying to keep it together, but these last few weeks have been pretty rough adjusting to welcoming a new baby soon. I have a lot of different emotions running through my mind constantly, so just trying to take it one step at a time. The panic is slowly starting to sink in that life is about to change completely! 
Pregnancy Wisdom: Baby Morgan is the size of a cantaloupe this week! 🍈
Weekly Milestone: I finally ordered the final piece to the nursery - her bookshelf! It had been on backorder at Target for the LONGEST time! But I finally got it today with only 5 left in stock! 😝 I promise a full nursery reveal post for those who've asked as soon as we get everything hung and arranged. 

For the last few years, I've really enjoyed putting together these photo collages to look back on while highlighting some of my favorites from the year before and I found that this year it was so hard to narrow it down to just these shown! We kept ourselves very busy and accomplished so much this past year I can't wrap my head around it. Pretty much all of my friends got married to their soulmates, Jimmy and I both graduated with our Bachelor's degrees, we started new jobs...the list goes on and on! And as time continues to pass, I can only keep my fingers crossed that life continues to be kind to us while we do our best to live it each day to the fullest!

As the days count down until little Ellie gets here and as we approach our first FULL week into this new year, I find it so bittersweet to look back at all of the amazing memories made in 2017 with friends & family! I still can't believe another year has gone and soon we will be welcoming a little babe into our mix! 💜 This year has definitely been one for the books! So many new marriages celebrated, vacations took, and of course milestones to remember as a family!

In closing, I hope that you all have had a great start to this year and may it continue to bless you & yours! 💕


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