Hello - hello! We're still alive over here! It's been such a busy week for us and I've yet to find any more motivation than I had last few days so blog posts have been few and far between lately!

I spent the majority of this week helping my sister prep mentally and physically for her wedding yesterday. I treated her to a facial Wednesday, then greeted out of town family Thursday and had our 36 Week check up for Ellie. Her little heartbeat is sitting right at 130 and they said she measuring exactly where she should. I'll be starting my weekly appointments until she comes, yet somehow my next appointment isn't for almost another two weeks because apparently this is baby season. Who knew?

So in the meantime, I'm trying to convince myself I'll know what to do if my water breaks or something crazy, but in reality all I can think about is how I need more nursing bras and whether I'll even know what a contraction feels like. 😁 First time mom problems I guess.

I kind of combined my 36 and 37 week picture together this week. I'm honestly just so tired and you all are probably so tired of hearing how tired I am but hey, this is real life. 

How Far Along: 36 Weeks and 6 Days yesterday, 37 Weeks today! 💕
Total Weight Gain: Still sitting at 19lbs - I was told to eat more yesterday at my appointment 😂 I'm pretty sure my midwife didn't mean donuts and spaghetti but hey whatever!   
Maternity Clothes: All the stretchy things for the win! And all the pajama pants at night!   
Sleeping: Oh my god, all I want to do is sleep. Grocery shopping is exhausting, work is exhausting, hell, sleeping is exhausting! 
Best Moment This Week: My sister got married yesterday! 😍
Movement:  She hasn't moved as much as she usually does lately but she's getting bigger and there isn't as much wiggle room as we near the end! 
Food Cravings: Anything, I'm just hungry all the time. 🍴
Sickness or Health: Definitely feeling sick more than healthy this week. I had this congestion since Christmas and now I have this gross dry cough all day and night long which is so annoying. I'm just a snotty/coughing mess. Which leads to more exhaust and crankiness! 
Mood: Definitely moody! I'm just so tired of coughing and not sleeping and I'm ready to have this little babe in mine and Jimmy's arms already! 
Pregnancy Wisdom: Baby Morgan is the size of a honeydew melon! 🍈 
Weekly Milestone: We start weekly appointments this week to check on her! 😋

Like I said, my sister got married yesterday! My mom and her spent a whole year planning this special day and I was so happy to see her finally get to marry the man of her dreams! Friday afternoon we got our nails done and had a rehearsal dinner with all of our family and out of town guests then headed back to her hotel suite for a little girls get together. 

The simple things in life, like pizza and sparkling cider make everything better I swear! We didn't have to do much to make it a good time which was appreciated. We spent the evening indulging in chocolate, laughing and ironically watching the end of Knocked Up on tv before we all decided to go to bed in preparation for the big day Saturday! 

She made the most gorgeous bride and I'm so happy for her and her hubby Brian! I can't think of any any better that loves her the way that he does. I almost cried when he first saw her, it was adorable - almost, as I am definitely not a crier! 

My nephew is seven and has taken to Brian in the best way so I am ever so glad to see such a hardworking person come into his life and help mold him into a little gentleman.  You could see his little face light up during the ceremony and it was so sincere the way he smiled at the two of them as they said their vows. I don't think he fully understood everything but I think he understood this was such a great moment for the three of them and I'm so happy to welcome Brian into our family! 😊

As much as a party pooper I've turned into the last few weeks, I stayed out long enough for them to cut the cake - I mean how could I miss that?! And then I made my way home. I was so exhausted I fell asleep immediately!

Today, was spent recovering on the couch. I've had this gross congestion for a few weeks now and I just can't seem to shake it. I've tried everything from Tylenol to humidifiers to oils and its still clear but still gross. I'm just now accumulated this dry cough and little wheeze as night for the past few days which has left me even more sleepless and with a sore ribcage and belly. 😑

I've convinced myself I have a combination of bronchitis, walking pneumonia and I'm on the verge of an umbilical hernia from the coughing. But it seems like everyone is sick with something, mostly viral and I'm the worst about brushing off sickness so I haven't done much reporting to my midwives, just mostly complained to Jimmy and on here. 🙈 (Insert shrugging emoji here <-- )

I'm going to see how the next few days go and if I can't seem to get it any better I'll take myself to urgent care or something. Maybe the coughing will bring on labor? A girl can dream right!

I hope this weekend has treated you all with as many blessings as it has my family! 💘 Until next time!

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