It's the end of January! With almost an entire month of 2018 behind us, it's inevitable that time is obviously passing TOO QUICKLY!

It's even harder to believe that my due date is in just ten days! Some people feel like they've been pregnant forever and although it kinda feels like that these days, this pregnancy with our little girl has flown by and I'm so sad but so happy/excited/anxious/antsy - all these motions balled into one about meeting the little human Jimmy and I created! πŸ’•

I did not do a 37 Week BumpDate as time has obviously gotten away from me, but not much has changed in these last two weeks so I mashed it all into one. Also a heads up - be prepared for belly spam these last two weeks because like I said, I'm going to miss this round midsection and her sharp kicks surprisingly once she's here!

How Far Along: 38 Weeks and 3 Days! 
Total Weight Gain: 25 lbs total as of yesterday at my doctor's appointment! I'm putting half of that weight in my poor ankles these days! 😁  
Maternity Clothes: Still give me all the stretchy clothes! I pretty much live in the same 3 outfits.   
Sleeping: Sleep is life. The End.  
Best Moment This Week: Knowing little girl could come any day according to my midwife! πŸ˜³πŸ’–
Movement:  She's definitely head down and has dropped, but its still a dance party in my belly. I know I'm going to miss these moments so much when she's here!  
Food Cravings: No cravings, just hungry. I had the best brownie sundae though this week! Oh mama! 🍦
Sickness or Health: Still have this gross dry cough, and my ankles look they belong to an elephant. That came on quickkkkkk! So I'm drinking more water and trying to eat more fruit. I also have decided BBQ sauce, tomatoes and anything acidic is no longer my friend as I literally want to vomit from the reflux it gives me! 😝
Mood: Moody! Tired! Anxious! All of the above and about 5 million other emotions!  
Pregnancy Wisdom: Baby Morgan is the size of a small pumpkin! πŸŽƒ 
Weekly Milestone: We started our weekly appointments and she progressing just like she should, head down, some dilation and effacement - just so ready to meet my little one! 

We started out weekly appointments as of yesterday and maybe TMI but I'm already started to dilate and have effacement which was a very pleasant surprise. I'm trying not to get my hopes up because I know some pregnancies can stay stagnant so I've commenced to drinking as much water, walking and squating as much as I can! I am just so anxious to get labor over with an embrace our little girl as  a family! My midwife says she could come at anytime which has put me into an emotional over load these last two days. 😭 Sorry everyone! 

It's pretty crazy how things work out. Jimmy & I have been together for almost ten years and to finally have a baby that has come from equal parts of us is still pretty phenomenal! Growing up I had always envisioned how my life would turn out, how my career would begin, my marriage, my future children, and now that its here and happening, its just amazing to me how our paths have their own plans. We have no other choice but to just adapt & roll with it. 

We have been overwhelmed with such love & support from friends and our families, this pregnancy has been such an eye opening and life changing experience! I'm sad that it is coming to an end, but so glad that a new chapter of parenthood is beginning and will continue for the rest of our lives! πŸ’– So in case we haven't before, we thank you all for being apart of this journey & showing Jimmy and I just how important and precious these moments are! 

In the meantime, standby for baby watch! 

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