It's true and I can't believe it! We're onto the second half of this little girl's first year and I'm speechless practically. Time goes by SO. FAST! We have been busy this past month, September flew by just as quick as it came! 😭

Blogging has been such an after thought, I feel so bad about not keeping up with it as much as I'd like but being a parent is the most exhausting and yet also rewarding thing I've ever done. I feel like the more kids you have, the more Mother's Days your awarded. Seriously, though I don't know how other moms do it but they are the real MVPs!

For Ellie's seven month update, she weighs about sixteen pounds and is growing chunkier by the day! I could literally eat those cheeks up all day long! 😍 She is working on cutting two teeth on her bottom gums. Its scary how sharp they are and it makes me forever thankful I am exclusively pumping still. I'd hate to be the victim of those chompers coming in. Along with teething, we're still boycotting baby food, and by we, I mean Ellie. I'm excited to see her eat real food because thats all she wants! 

Sleep is still mehhh. I've pretty much given up on crib transitioning. I don't care for any more advice and I've just thrown in the towel on pretty much every method of sleep training ever created. So it is what it is. Co-sleeping for the win I guess. Besides who wouldn't want to wake up to that sweet face every morning! I just keep telling myself to embrace the chaos and the middle of the night wake ups because one days she won't want to hang out with us and will no longer need her mama's cuddles to get her back to sleep. πŸ’•

All in all we're doing just fine! Blessed beyond measures and living each day to its fullest. It was my birthday a few weeks ago and officially headed into my last years of my twenties. If that didn't feel like a kick in the gut waking up to, I'd be lying. I have to remind myself every so often that this is life and its happening right before my eyes. I get caught up on the 'next best thing' sometimes and its right here, right now. We didn't do anything special, which is what I requested. I had actually forgotten about it until almost a week beforehand so I scheduled myself to work, oops!  

My only regret is I wish I had thought about it and took off because I was super sad dropping Ellie off. I actually cried in the drive thru of Chick-fil-a. πŸ˜‚ I didn't really want to do anything but be with her in that moment. Birthday or not, she's the best thing thats ever happened to Jimmy and I. I'm so excited to see her blossom into her personality in these up coming months and to see her first holidays through her eyes! πŸ’


At times I feel like the last six months have been one longgggg blur, and at times the day feels like Groundhog Day, but most moments, I still can't believe I have this tiny being in my life that brings  such joy to our family! πŸ’–

Ellie has turned six months old! Happy 1/2 Birthday baby girl! She continues to grow by the minute and its so bittersweet!

At her most recent checkup, she is 26 inches long and weighs 15 pounds 8 ounces. She is making her way into size 3 diapers and still continues to poop like a grown man. I'm still astounded by this talent. I'm still trying to squeeze her into some smaller outfits but for the most part she's growing out of 6 month clothing and working her way into 9 month outfits! 😭 If I could just bottle up these special days and replay them over and over I would!

Every day brings something new and it really is exciting to see the world through her eyes. Recently, we picked up this mini pool for two bucks at Marshalls. I'm mad I didn't think of buying one sooner because for a while there we were stuck indoors with nothing to do. Dang Florida heat! πŸ”₯But she loves it! She splashes while she watches the dogs run around in our backyard and its nice to do something so simple yet so enjoyable with her.

Some of Ellie's other favorites also include baths, bouncing in her bouncer and spending time with her Dad. She is a total Daddy's girl! Her eyes light up anything he comes home from work or walks into the room. I'm so happy that she's so smitten with him and I'm so lucky with how involved he is when I need him to be. I'm going on a girl's trip later on this month and I'm super nervous! I know she's going to be in good hands, but I can't help but cringe at the exact moment I'm going to be leaving her for the weekend. πŸ’”

Six months has also kind of brought us into a more scheduled routine. She's slowwwwlyyyy eating more. I was kinda scolded at her appointment for not dabbling too much into baby food purees but this girl wants real food! Her favorites have been waffles, toast and the teething biscuits. I wouldn't say she's technically 'eating' them, more so gnawing them into mush. 

She also drinks about 5 and 1/2 ounces for each bottle and loves to munch on frozen pops. I've been freezing pouch purees and purees I've made and she goes nuts over them! I like that they probably feel good on her teeth too. 

I'm still pumping. Exclusively pumping for six months was my first goal and I'm honestly so shocked I made it this far. It has been such a tedious process and I can't even count the amount of times I've put off pump times but its pretty cool to think that I've fed a human for six whole months. It's been worth it. I'm going to start weaning soon. I have about 2000 ounces frozen and I'm down to about four pumping sessions a day. But I think I'm just ready. As good as I've become at it, I'm tired of living life from pump to pump.

Her nap consistencies have also become more consistent over the last month. I try to time our playdates or errands around her sleep schedule because she becomes unruly if she doesn't get in at least one daytime nap. We have also embraced the co-sleeping life. Hate on it if you must. I had swore before I had kids I'd never co-sleep and my kids would sleep in their cribs, but unless you haven't slept longer than 4 hours at a time for months on end, you do what you have to do. In a weird way, we enjoy it. She's close to us and waking up to her babbling to herself or touching my face melts me every single morning. I wouldn't change it for anything! 😻

Ellie is growing so fast! Work has kept me busy and we have so much stuff going on with our house, it looks like a construction bomb has gone off. Jimmy has built us a garden, he's in the works of laying pavers, building a pergola and we're actually decorating the walls three years in. Better late than never! Bringing a whole new meaning to Labor Day! I'm also turning 29 this month. I have so many different emotions about it but I'll save that for later. 

I can't wait to see what this next month brings! Hopefully cooler weather and less rain! Here we go September! 😺


We have a five month old. How is that even possible? Time has slipped away from us and this little girl has grown by the second! I'm aware that we are almost two weeks late with this update but hey, I'm never on time for anything anymore. Between packing a diaper bag, feeding Ellie, & pumping, being 'on time' now falls last on my priority list these days. 😜

I would like to give you stats from two weeks ago but since I had my official first mom fail today, we found ourselves in Ellie's pediatrician's office, two weeks before her 6 month wellness checkup. Insert face palm here.

The past few days, I've noticed her touching her head and her left ear more so I just kept notice of it. The first few times I snapped a few pictures and sent them to Jimmy who is away on business like 'Awww cute, she found her ear.' Then as yesterday came and went, and last night ensued I woke up FOR SURE that my kid was getting an ear ache. She was pretty fussy but went down for naps easy and woke up in a good mood. She never had any fevers and was happy for most of the day but still kept tugging on that dang ear! So I called her ped's and left a message to see if we could get in today to be seen. Then I called again, and then I found myself calling pretty much every time I saw her touching her left ear.

I had officially crossed the line from 'Registered Nurse Mom who can surely handle her kid's ear pulling and fussiness' to 'Psycho Mom who needs to know right now whether or not her kid will go deaf by the end of the day'. I hope that we've all been there and its not just me! I just felt so bad for her, and my mind just kept running in circles. 😁 First kid problems!

We were thankfully able to get in to the office at 3, and low and behold after missing out on her afternoon nap then listening to Ellie scream her head off 20 minutes to her appointment and 20 minutes back home, her ears were perfectly fine. Mine on the other hand can still hear her pissed off in the back seat. πŸ˜‘ If I could have taken a picture of my face the entire ride home, that would be it. Mother of the year here. It was a disaster. I was tired, Ellie was tired, my poor mom has never heard me complain so much in my life. Please, please, enlighten me and share the most embarrassing mom moment you've had. Please, tell me I'm not alone.

Better safe than sorry I guess!

Anyways, we got home, she took a much needed nap and we tried out the big girl seat to our stroller along with our new stroller fan. We needed some fresh air after today. It was nice enough that we walked around the block and came home and got ready for bed. She seemed more content, minus the Tylenol spit up. Note to self: never buy red Tylenol again. πŸ˜– She's already woken up once while typing this out so fingers crossed she's down for a bit now.

Which brings us to her five month update! As of today, she weighed 15 pounds and 4 ounces. She still is a bottle grazer only eating 4 - 5 ounces at a time. We're experimenting with foods in a slightly non-traditional way; meaning whatever I'm eating at the moment I tend to shove in her direction. So far, so good. She hasn't had baby food yet and whatever foods she has eaten mashed up she tends to spit out. Some of her favorites include gnawing on toast, avocado slices and bananas. We've discovered rice cereal is a no go. I've never heard this kid fart so much in her life after a few nights of mixed bottles with breastmilk.

Also, rice cereal bottles are a total FLUKE! I remember I was so happy when she guzzled one down thinking in my head 'HA, you're going to sleep tonight!' Wrong! Guess who was up three hours later chugging down another five ounces? Eleanor Morgan, thats who! It was honestly a joke I just couldn't believe. Sleep overall is getting better though. She's going longer at night between night time bottles and taking more consistent naps which has been a relief. We are still a very tired household. I will never not volunteer to nap when she naps. πŸ˜‚

I still can't believe at all the things she has discovered in such a short amount of time. She has found her voice and its the best thing in the world! Her laugh is utterly contagious and we can't get enough of it. πŸ’ž It's such an awesome feeling waking up next to her and I can't help but laugh as she stretchers her arms nice and tall while slapping me in the face like a fish out of water. I call it her 'fish slap'. She does it when she going to bed too, she just whacks me right in the chin or nose or wherever until she's content. It's cute and I think it's one of those things I'm going to miss when she grows out of it another few months from now. 

Thats the beauty and the bittersweetness about being a parent. Every day is pretty much ground hog day, but every day is different. Ellie is so much more from yesterday to today and she'll surely be different tomorrow. πŸ’” It sucks, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Goodnight you guys! 


Hi everyone! We've been missing in action for sure from the blog but we've never been better, just chugging along! I still can't believe we have a four month old! I was at the grocery store the other day when a lady stopped us. As we were talking she asked how old Ellie was and as the words 'four months' came out of my mouth, I almost started crying right there. Literally felt my throat tighten and tears form. A big slap of life right to the face!

The days have been busy the last few weeks between balancing work, caring for Ellie and trying to be a sane human for Jimmy's sake. Some days have seemed long, hell some have even seemed to happen way to quick but all the same, Baby Eleanor has grown another month older right before our very eyes! If you need me, I'll still be in the corner crying at how big my baby has gotten. 😭

Even though Ellie officially turned four months last week (I'm still a hot mess new mom trying to do it all, excuse me), heres a little bit of whats been going on since our last monthly update! 

Little girl is weighing in at 13 pounds and 4 ounces and measures 25 inches long! She is definitely long and tall like her dad (who's 6'2) her Grandpa Vilis (who's 6'8) and just like the rest of the Morgan family on Jimmy's side. They're all pretty tall so she's got the string bean gene going on there. She also measured in the 90th percentile for her head. Poor kid! 😁 Sorry Ellie, just means you've got a big brain in that noggin of yours. 

After having my own baby, I'm just so shocked at how quickly they grow! You hear it from so many people but until you experience it yourself, theres no way to ever believe how much they change in such a short time frame. I've packed all of her 0-3 month and 3 month clothing and she's wearing mostly 3-6 month stuff right now. I still squeeze her in some of my favorite outfits (she's comfortable of course!), the ones that I just can't bear to put away yet. And I've started washing her 6 month clothes because she's so long! Next kid is getting hand me downs like crazy if its a girl. I'm up to my ears in baby clothes. 😜

As far as other mostly milestones, she is rolling or was. She has grown quite fond of mom and dad holding her and has become quite lazy when its tummy time or when she's laying on the mat. πŸ˜‚ She will get halfway through a roll and then quit even though she's done it before. Us girls are definitely stubborn. Our pediatrician also gave us the okay to start cereal and small foods if we wanted but because she is such a snacker during the day with breastmilk, we decided to hold off until six months or when she can finish more than 2-3 ounces at a time without getting distracted. This way she isn't filling up on dense foods and missing out on nutrients in her milk. I've been looking into Baby Led Weaning a lot of the past few days and am really interested in it - which is funny as how I had probably the WORST diet during my entire pregnancy and post-partum. 

So if anyone has done it, shoot me a message with tips please! 

We celebrated Mother's and Father's day since our last update. For both we did absolutely nothing, which is EXACTLY what both Jimmy and I wanted. For Father's Day, I customized a star map for Jimmy at the exact time and place of Ellie's birthplace. It was really cool and great quality. He loved it and it's proudly displaced in his office. I ordered it from this link if anyone wants to check it out or needs a really neat gift idea! 

I have also been back to work for a little over a month and a half, and honestly I thought it would've gotten easier by now but sadly, it hasn't. The job itself hasn't been difficult. Aside from walking into our nutrition room and forgetting why I was there in the first place every once in a while, I pretty much fell back into routine as a nurse. Its the anxiety and worrying about being away from her while I'm there that never fails to get to me. I know she is being cared for and I'm so lucky to have a job where I can see her everyday, its just now clear to me why moms quit their careers for their babies. I probably say ten times a day over text to Jimmy and my mom "whats she doing?" "send me her picture." "i miss her! 😭" "how much did she drink? "is she napping?" "did she cry?" "kiss her for me!". 

Yes, literally all these things, word. for. word. 

In a weird way, its pretty obsessive. I know this is probably how motherhood is for everyone when they first go back to work or leave their babies for a bit of time so I'm not too scared to admit my paranoia. I just can't help but think about her practically every second I'm not preoccupied with other people's medical emergencies. 

But for real, I'd stay home with you if I could Ellie girl. πŸ™Š

Four months has been such a fun age! She has truly developed such a personality, and we are completely smitten with every smile, side eye, scorn and laugh she has given us! πŸ’–

Time has gone by too fast and I'm enjoying every moment I spend with this little girl and Jimmy. I think we have grown personally and as a family so much since having this little bean pole. In the grand scheme of things, life is wayyy too short, so we've just been trying to live the best day possible with what we're given lately. I can't complain, even though deep down I'm secretly waiting for the bottom to fall out, each second that passes is such a blessing and for that I'm thankful.

I hope to write something sooner, before Ellie's five month update rolls around, but if not just know we're over here living our best life! Keep your fingers crossed!


I've sat down to write this post probably ten times in the last week and every time I get distracted and come back to find my laptop has gone to sleep and then decide I probably should do something more productive. But finally, I'm here. Ellie is asleep and I'm pumping. Surprise, surprise.

I can't wrap my brain around the fact that Ellie has been in our lives for three months! 12 Weeks of being able to watch her grow into this little human, I mean how did we get so lucky?! Just recently she has blossomed and gained such a personality of her own, I'm constantly flopping back and forth between who she favors most between Jimmy and I.

I could just eat her up, I love her so!

Three months old and this little girl has completely stolen our hearts! Every day she never ceases to amaze me by the things she does. Honestly, in such a short amount of time, she has learned to roll over from her stomach to her back, she 'talks' while making the most adorable sounds. Every 'ohh' or 'ahh' makes my heart melt and I find myself just babbling back at her. She has also found her hands this month and constantly is flexing her arms to her face so she can gnaw on them! And even just yesterday she has started to blow raspberries! I had to literally pull the car over to make sure it was her making those noises from her car seat! 😭 

It's so true, they really don't stay little for long! 

This right here has been my FAVORITE thing to do lately. Just holding her and loving this little girl makes my day. I know I will look back and cherish all of our afternoon naps together. I can't help but throw aside the chores that need to be done to just rock her to sleep and admire her sweet face. πŸ’

I went back to work and that has been such a hard adjustment for us both. More so me. πŸ’” I now know why moms quit their jobs or work less hours. It's so hard to leave her and even though I know she is being taken care of and in good hands, I feel a little part of me that breaks each time. Luckily, I have a pretty busy pace that keeps my mind off of the 'what ifs' while I'm working and the time does fly by when I'm not there but it really does hurt to think that each time I say goodbye, its the last time I'll see her that little for that day.  And thats a hard pill to swallow. 

We're adjusting though. We're finally getting into a groove that works for us and its much easier to pick up on her cues. The last few weeks she has been sleeping longer at night and only waking to take a bottle and then goes right back to sleep! Hallelujah! I, however am still getting up during the night to pump. Jimmy was so kind to buy me a deep freezer for Mother's Day because we ran out of room at our house and my mom's! 

I'm hoping soon in the future I'll be able to cut that pump out because I am FOREVER tired. It's painful to think that I haven't slept for more than four hours at a time since Ellie was born. Sayyyyyy what? 😁

We don't have much coming up, except soaking up as much time as we can with this precious girl. I swear every day she grows ten times bigger. I was looking at her pictures the other night before bed and I can't believe she was ever so small! Nor can I believe she was ever inside of me. I don't even remember what that felt like anymore. 😞 I used to try to envision what she would be like, but she has by far exceeded my expectations. 

Jimmy and I couldn't imagine life without her. We are honestly so blessed to be her mom & dad! πŸ’–


It's Mother's Day and honestly I am still in shock sometimes that I'm even a mom. I'm in disbelief that Ellie has been in our lives for close to three months already! Time has flown by and I am in awe in the things that she does every day! 😍

In the short few months she has been here, Ellie has taught me so many things about life without even realizing it! They say everything changes after having a child and it couldn't be any more true! There are things that you just don't understand until you become a parent and while I am no expert, I can honestly say my perspective on life has completely changed from before the day Ellie was born.

Life has such a new meaning. The priorities I once had, are no more and everyday that I get to wake up and spend time with my family and friends is such a blessing! Blessings that not everyone is lucky enough to experience in a lifetime. Becoming a mom has taught me that these moments and experiences are what really matter. Witnessing Ellie grow everyday just sheds new meaning to just that. I love being her mom and watching her discover her own self over these past few months. And while today, I may not feel any more special than I did yesterday or how I'll feel tomorrow, I am lucky because I get to be Ellie's mom.

As a Mother's Day surprise, me and my sister decided to have pictures done of us and our little babes for our mom. We actually gave them to her two weeks ago for her birthday because we were so excited about them. Also, because we are pretty terrible at keeping secrets. It was so windy and sand was blowing everywhere. Ellie was pretty much on the verge of a meltdown the entire time and I was scared shitless that we weren't going to get any good shots because of it. But honestly, our photographer captured exactly what we wanted. And that was us, just us plain and simple and enjoying being with each other - she is so freaking amazing by the way! 

I am in love with these photos and am so happy to see that even though the conditions weren't ideal and I felt panicky the entire time, these pictures are everything! I'm so glad we could give something so sentimental to our mom and also capture time standing still for my sister and I with our babies. So I hope that as time continues to march forward we will be able to look back at these photos and remember the memories we created since then and even before. And know just how lucky we are to call this chaotic life ours and how great it is to be mothers to our children. 

Today was simple and perfect and just what I needed. I want to wish every mom out there a very Happy Mother's Day! Keep doing what you're doing, because even on the days you feel like your failing miserably, you aren't. You're doing your best and thats what being a mom is all about. πŸ’


The days are long but the year is short! And it seems to keep getting shorter and shorter! 😭

Ellie is officially two months old as of this past Tuesday! At her doctors appointment she weighed 11 pounds and 5 ounces and was 22 and a half inches long! Little chunk is getting so big and is seriously outgrowing clothes left and right. Goodbye to all her newborn clothes, hello three month sizes! I had to exchange quite a few diaper packages also for size 2's because her belly is popping out of the size 1's. Not to mention one day we had blow out central and had to toss several onesies! Oops! 😳

We're still getting the hang of napping during the day and at night we get a long stretch of four hours or so before she wakes up for her first feeding. Sometimes I cheat and give her a bottle two hours into her sleeping and that will buy Jimmy and I a few more hours. 😁 Anything for just a couple more hours! But for the most part night time isn't so draining anymore. She'll wake up, eat and go back to sleep. 

Jimmy's mom and niece came to visit this past weekend which was nice because they got to meet Ellie! I'm so glad they came and were able to hold and love on her while she was so little! It was a short visit but I know we will see each other before we know it again! We all went to the zoo for Ellie's first time when they were here. My mom brought let my nephew skip school so we spent a few hours walking around looking at all the animals. This kid loves being outside! She's so calm and just looks around at everything! 

Ellie and the Meerkats. 


We also got back some of Ellie's "newborn" pictures. I say "newborn" because I failed to get actual pictures done until she was almost a month old ---> mother of the year award over here. The funny thing is when you get ready to have a baby people say your whole life changes but I'd like to point out that your WHOLE LIFE CHANGES! They should really teach a class to new parents about how you'll possibly find yourself taking two part showers, washing your hair one day and your body the next. Or teach you how to poop while your baby stares at you so they won't cry hysterically from the other room. These are the life changes no one warns you about! So yeah, I forgot to get newborn pictures done of my kid, priorities. 

Anyways, they turned out so cute! I could honestly stare at picture of Jimmy holding her for hours! Sometimes I can't believe that she's still our and she's here. I feel like my pregnancy was such a blur and I can't remember life before her now. She's starting to do all the cute baby stuff now like smile and laugh whenever she sees people. Her face lights up when she sees Jimmy! He has such a way with her, like she just falls asleep at night in his arms. Meanwhile, I'm rocking my feet off just for her to close her eyes for three minutes. πŸ˜‚ Another thing they don't teach you, moms do all the hard work and dad's come in and steal the show! 

She's grown so much from this picture already, its mind blowing. These past eight weeks have FLOWN by but I'm so grateful for every day I get to stay home with her. Only just over three weeks until I have to go back to work. πŸ˜” 

So here's to making every little moment count in these last few days! πŸ’•


We have been totally off the grid here at the Morgan house! What people fail to tell you is once pregnancy is over and you go home with a newborn, thats when the fun just begins! πŸ˜‚ So blogging and keeping up with posts are becoming just another thing put to the side these days.

Aside from feeding, pumping, diaper changes and rocking this sweet girl to sleep, we haven't been up to much, which is just fine with me. The simple life is suiting to us. We have kinda gotten a little morning routine down. She has her last little bit of sleep stretch until about eight or nine every morning and then we wake up and try to do something in the mornings like take a walk or venture to the grocery store, anything to shake off the sleepiness from the night before. She hasn't had much of a sleep schedule the past few weeks so its been crazy to get anything done at home. But we've found she will fall asleep in the car which is nice and stay asleep pretty much until we get home again.

The afternoons are pretty much chaos. She'll typically stay up until about three or four hours after her 'mid morning nap' and then its completely unpredictable. Sometimes she'll nap again, sometimes not. I like to think she's getting into her own groove but honestly, every day has been so different after midday we just roll with it. Jimmy will come home from work and he'll take her until I can clean up some from the day and get dinner started. It's cute to see them have time together after he's been gone all day! Its honestly heart melting! 😍 And then we start our night routine after we eat - bath, belly or back play time, book, bottle and bed. Well more like, bath, scream/cry time during belly and back play time and while reading a book, bottle then rocking her to sleep while not to try to fall asleep ourselves!

Theres beauty in it though. It's been almost seven weeks of virtually doing the same thing every single day without ever thinking of ourselves first. We've just learned to adapt into this new role and how to put into perspective of what really matters. The dishes, laundry, and whatever else we normally got done can wait. No one said motherhood was easy but they definitely left out the exhausting details! But I know Jimmy & I will look back and wish these days didn't fly by so dang fast! 😒

Aside from the day to day newborn duties, Ellie had her first Easter! Saturday, we started the weekend with an early dinner with my best friend's family, practically our family - which was complete with a Easter egg hunt, lots of food, a giraffe piΓ±ata (R.I.P. giraffe) and lots of laughs! 

Sunday, we had actual Easter dinner at my parents house with more family and friends. Ellie had her first Easter egg hunt and made out with a pretty awesome Easter basket full of new pacifiers, stroller toys and even her very first Easter bunny stuffed animal! She had such a cute little dress on complete with little bunnies all over it and wore a little grin that matched perfectly to her dad's! They are complete twins! 😍

Ellie's going to be two whole months old soon which absolutely blows my mind! Jimmy's family is coming into town soon to finally meet her and I can't wait until they get to witness her little smile every day like I do! I mean just look at that face! It's the absolute best! πŸ’•

I don't know when I'l update next but until then, just soak in all the baby Ellie grins! All our love! 


So I'm a little late (what else is new?) with Ellie's one month update but none the less here it is! It's so hard to make time to do household stuff, let alone sit down and type anything up! I miss posting and keeping you all updated but I enjoy taking care of Ellie more. πŸ’•


At her One Month appointment, she weighed in at 9.9 lbs and has grown to be 21 and 3/4 of an inch! She's growing like a weed and I've had to officially set aside all of her newborn clothes! 😭

She is still wide awake as ever before and we had a week stretch where she refused to nap AT ALL during the day! I literally thought some days I was going to die of exhaustion, but we made it people! I'm still amazed that I used to need ten hours of sleep to function but now broken sleep has become the new norm. During the day, she's hit or miss on napping. Sometimes it might be an hour, and others I'll be lucky to get ten minutes at a time. πŸ’€ At night, she's still waking up every two hours to eat, so its safe to say we're still in that tired all the time stage for Jimmy & I.

One of her favorites besides eating, is bath time! She absolutely loves the warm water and I swear she smiles every time we wash her hair! It's the cutest thing to see her little baby body wrapped up in these giant bath towels! We lotion her up and she smells so good! Post baby bath has to be one of the most euphoric smells out there! I feel like such a weirdo sometimes because I smell her constantly when I'm rocking her to sleep or just snuggling her! Its the best!

Another thing she really loves is car rides! She hates getting into her carseat but once she's in and snug she almost immediately stops crying. We took her on her first 'road trip' to Orlando this past weekend and she slept the entire way there and back! I took advantage of Jimmy driving and snuck in a nap of my own! πŸ˜‚ I was really nervous because we would be gone the majority of the day but she did great! She woke up to eat and when she was getting changed and then back asleep! It was such a good day and I'm glad that Jimmy and I got to spend time together with her.

First Family 'RoadTrip'! πŸ’—

I can't believe how much she's growing! We're just trying to enjoy every moment of her! Especially since I got back to work in less than two months! πŸ˜ͺ I feel like she'll never be ready, nor will I for that day to come but I'm happy that I will get be with her even half the day when I do have to work. 

Until that day comes though, we are so glad to be with each other at home! 


I feel like I say this over and over again but where is the time going? And how the heck is it already the middle of March?! As of Tuesday night, Ellie was officially three weeks old! And I'm so so sad that next week she'll be a whole month old! Please someone get me another box of tissues and wipe my tears! 😭

I mean just look at this precious face!

The last three weeks have been such a rollercoaster! We've had many sleepless nights in our house, the dogs included! Ellie is such a particular sleeper. We are finding she has to be completely zonked before we can put her down to sleep after feeding or changing her. And if we're lucky she'll stay asleep but most of the time she'll wake back up and we have to start all over again! It has been draining and I honestly dread nights and sleeping. Its hard but I know its only temporary so when its just her and I awake at night and I'm rocking her to sleep, I just keep reminding myself that she won't be this little for long and these nights are few and far between. And then the emotions just keep rolling until I don't want to put her down! πŸ˜‚ Especially when she cracks a smile when she's almost asleep!

Overall, she is doing amazing though! She is eating like a champ and takes about three ounces at every feeding. At her doctors appointment last week she had gained a whole pound and I'm anxious to see how much she's gained at her one month appointment. I'm starting to notice her little rolls on her thighs and even around her arms started to plump up and she has a tiny double chin starting to form! I just can't help but kiss it every time it sticks out after she's done eating! She is doing great with a bottle and has definitely shown a preference to it over me. I think mostly because its quicker and she doesn't have to work as hard so I have been exclusively pumping over the past two weeks for the most part. I've been producing so much milk at times its hard for her to latch and it will get us in a good routine for when I have to go back to work. Which is right around the corner! 😿

We've been getting out more often in the past week. Jimmy and I have been taking advantage of the weather and taking walks in the evening. She seems to like being outside being that she looks around and doesn't cry. She's also done really good when Jimmy and I took her out to dinner with us one night and even on her first trip to Target with my mom and my sister. I find myself constantly checking the time when we're out in fear that its almost time to pump or for her to eat. Everything is by a schedule now. Tick tock! If I wasn't super obsessive about time before having her, I certainly am now!

I've also had to start packing away some of her newborn clothes! She is getting so long that her legs are scrunched up and it seems like hardly anything will zip or button comfortably for her. I feel like every night I have to put something aside that doesn't fit and it makes me so sad inside! I want to save everything but I know it isn't practical nor do I have the room for a second wardrobe. Luckily, I know a few people who are having little girls so I can gladly pass them on to a good home. Everything about her growing makes me so emotional! Don't e even get me started about changing her last newborn diaper last night. I literally cried while trying to put her back to sleep and trying to keep from waking Jimmy! πŸ˜‚ I was definitely a sight for sore eyes! 

Life has been so different but also so good! I love spending the time home with her and I can completely understand why moms choose to stay home with their littles until they go to school. I feel like she constantly needs me, even when people are over helping us out. I get anxious when she cries and I have to hold my tongue when I feel like people aren't "doing it the way she likes". It's hard letting go and letting someone else gain control of your babies care. I'd rather go without and care for her then feel like she's missing something that could make her more comfortable. Some days its noon before I realize I haven't eaten or had anything to drink but we're making it work. These are the days I know I'm certainly going to miss, these are the days when our life is truly happening. πŸ’ And honestly, as hectic as they seem, they are absolutely perfect days! 

Until her one month update! 



Excuse me as I cry my eyes out knowing that as of 10:39 last night, we officially had a TWO WEEK OLD! 😭 These last fourteen days have been like no other and everyday I thank the universe for this little baby that Jimmy & I created! Through the sleepless nights, the dirty diapers and the struggles of constant breastfeeding, Ellie has brought such immense joy to our life and even though these past two weeks have FLOWN by, I'm so excited to see what our little girl will grow into! 

Trying to do anything with a newborn is pretty much exhausting, let alone putting together blog posts but I decided that I wanted to share Ellie's birth story - it was such a life changing moment for Jimmy & I and its a moment we never want to forget! πŸ’•

So if you don't like details, I'd advise you to just skip this post, but for the rest of you guys here goes: 

As most of you know, Ellie had no plans on coming into this world on her own. My last doctors appointment was the Friday after her original due date and she still showed no signs of making her big debut. The weekend came and went and still no sign of her. It was planned that if she didn't come sooner rather than later then I would have to be induced so we were put on the schedule for induction Tuesday morning at 7:30am. 

I remember I was so anxious the night before (and weeks before that to be honest) I barely slept. I had worked myself up and read every induction story there was to find on the internet - which is a terrible idea people, so don't read anything online! I was making myself more and more antsy by the minute and counting the seconds before I no longer had little girl in my belly. πŸ˜“ Jimmy so kindly took me to Dunkin Donuts and I forced down a sandwich before our arrival to the birth suites. It was less than an hour before I was admitted and ready for induction. 

Ready or not, it was time for Ellie's birthday! 

We got settled in our room and my midwife rounded around 8am. She was pleased that I was already dilated to 3-4 cm upon arrival to the hospital so we decided it was best to go ahead and break my water to get labor jump started before we resorted to starting pitocin. I didn't progress hardly any in the few next few hours despite being able to walk around and bounce on the labor ball (not that I really wanted too after having my water broken <--- insert gross face here 😣) so we went ahead and started with IV pitocin around 10am. I didn't start feeling contractions until about an hour or so later around 11am and even then they were bearable. Every 30 minutes to an hour my nurse would come in and up the dosage of medication, making them the contractions come a little quicker and longer, but still, everything was bearable. 

I continued to bounce on the labor ball and walk around until about 2pm when I decided I should get an epidural because my contractions were starting to double on top of one another without rest in between. Again, it was still bearable, they just took my breath away and I had to find a focus point but I figured induction would probably only get worse from here so why make it harder on myself and little Ellie girl? 😬

It took about an hour for the anesthesiologist to come to the room and I'm glad that I asked for it when I did. By 3pm I was 6cm dilated and my contractions were getting pretty strong and still continued to double on top of each other every so often and I could feel my whole body starting to shake whenever one would come on. Its such a scary feeling not knowing what is happening to your body and not being able to control it. It was all I could do to just succumb to the contractions and let my body shake until the anesthesiologist was done. Jimmy was able to stay in the room with me and it was such a relief to have him there holding my hand during the entire process. I'll never forget trying not to move during contractions and and just thinking how thankful I was to have him there by my side for this entire experience. πŸ’• I thought I loved Jimmy before, but nothing makes you appreciate someone as much as when you truly need them for support. 

The epidural didn't hurt. I just felt a little prick when it was being numbed and I felt a little jolt to my left hip when it was being placed. I didn't have any headaches or side effects afterwards but it did wear off eventually which I'll get to in a bit. But having it placed wasn't as big of a deal as I had made it seem in my head. I'll probably get another IF we decide to do this again! From about 4pm to about 7:30pm I was able to rest. I still had feeling in my lower body, it just felt as if they were asleep and tingled whenever I turned from side to side. 

At shift change I noticed a lot of pressure suddenly and I started feeling contractions again. These were MUCH more intense than before my epidural was placed and after hitting my little pain button as much as I could, anesthesiology was called to come check on me. Over the course of about an hour  my contractions had become so intense without any relief from the medication boluses I was receiving there wasn't much else to do. At about 8pm I started throwing up uncontrollably (Jimmy later referenced the exorcist scene) and I think with my cursing it was probably pretty dang close to that. πŸ™Š After the third medication bolus from the anesthesiologist, I was so beyond pain, all I remember is crying and just apologizing over and over again to Jimmy and my nurse and my midwife! I don't even know why I was saying sorry, I just remember thinking I was being such a big baby about everything. Sorry again guys for my emotional train wreck! 

Shortly after all of this chaos ensued, I was finally dilated between 9 and 10cm and they wanted me to start "practice" pushing. Like what the heck is even practice pushing?! Not knowing what the heck I was doing and feeling the worst pressure in my pelvis and pain in my entire life, I just did what they told me and pushed like I was taking the biggest poop ever! Gross? Most definitely! Real life? You betcha! It took a whopping TWO. WHOLE. HOURS. of pushing until finally little girl was about to be born. With every push, I just kept bouncing back between thinking how exhausted I was and how I couldn't push anymore to how every push was just one less pain I'd feel and she'd finally be here! 

At exactly 10:39pm my midwife told me to reach down and I was able to pull Jimmy's and my daughter into this world! I just remember looking at her and just thanking whatever force is out there for bringing her safe into my arms after everything! Jimmy never left my side and I was so thankful to have him there the entire time telling me how proud he was and encouraging me!  

It was at the moment our lives changed forever and we became parents! πŸ’– 

Jimmy holding our daughter for the first time! 

The best feeling in the entire world!

Ahhhhh! Swoon! 😍

Because I had such issues with my epidural, my midwife told me I pretty much delivered naturally so there wasn't any problems with me getting up and walking post delivery. After we held her for quite a while, they weighed her and did all her newborn assessments. She weighed 7lbs 8ozs and tested negative for any birth deficits. All I could do was stare at Jimmy holding her and devour any food they brought me! A turkey sandwich never tasted so dang good! I'd never been so hungry! Like ever! πŸ˜‚

The only two things post delivery I remember was just feeling such happiness, definitely the happiest I've ever been in my life! And thats not the hormones talking, its so true! And Ellie pooped all over me right after she was born! All over my stomach and down my leg! It was like a welcoming to motherhood!

We were moved shortly after into our own room on the mother/baby unit late that night where we just stared at her until the early hours of the next morning!

One Day Old! πŸ’ž

We stayed in the hospital just under two days. Ellie was a little jaundice so she had get her tan on a few times and we were finally able to leave after her evening levels showed she was treading down. Looking back, those two days we spent there are such a blur now. Its hard to look at pictures because time has flown by already and it makes me so sad but also so happy! But we had plenty of visitors and people who showed such love to us and our little girl! 

We had the best care! I can not thank the nurses enough who helped deliver Ellie and took care of us afterwards! They seriously have a gift for what they do and I wish I could show them the gratitude that Jimmy & I feel towards them everyday that we have with our little Ellie girl! Words do absolute no justice for how thankful we are for helping to bring our daughter into this world and caring for us immediately after! πŸ’ 

Our first night home was such a blur looking back. Jimmy and I were absolutely starving by the time we got home around 9pm. I held Ellie at the table and Jimmy and I split a digornio pizza! πŸ˜‚ I remember feeling so antsy about the night ahead of us I could barely get down a slice. We changed her diaper and let her sleep in the footie pajamas we brought her home in and put her down for bed. I don't think I slept at all! I kept peaking at her making sure she was still breathing! Something that hasn't quit yet, even now two weeks later! 

Prepping for our discharge! 

FINALLY going home! πŸ’˜

Three Days Old - First Doctors Apt. 

Twelve Days Old! 😘😭

Time really is passing so quickly! We scheduled her one month appointment in two weeks with her doctor and she's already gained a whole pound since her first doctors appointment! Again, you can find me in the corner crying! I've already had to start stashing away some of her newborn onesies because her head is too big to fit through the tops of them and her newborn diapers are starting to feel a little snug around her legs! 😩 But even though she's growing so quick, I'm getting in as many of these newborn snuggles as I can. I'm trying to find the mindset that the laundry and the dishes can wait because she's only going to be so tiny for so long and I want to soak up as much as I can with her! Having her fall asleep on my chest is my absolute favorite & when I see her sleeping in Jimmy's arms it takes everything in me not to cry out of happiness! 😍

My apologies ahead of time if this post seems thrown together. Its been so chaotic this week as Jimmy went back to work! Blogging has seriously been the least of my worries but we are doing so great! We love our Ellie girl and we are just so over the moon about waking up to her every morning!