December has fallen upon us here in Florida & to be honest, I have no idea what to do with myself! I've said it time and time again, but where the heck is time going and how the heck do we only have 28 days left in 2017?! 

I started this blog in February and looking back, I'm so glad that I did! This year has taught me so many important lessons and being able to look back and reminisce in such great memories is truly one of the best things I could've received out of starting Katie Scarlett Chronicles. I have been able to connect with such amazing and genuine people and see their families grow as mine has - it has been a simple reminder that there are still good people out there with similar values that make this world a better place. 💝

As you can probably tell, we got our Christmas pictures back! I had originally planned to do a mix of holiday and maternity pictures to save time & a little cash because of the holiday season but I'm not 'as big' as I need to be quite yet. It really just looks like I ate too many bean burritos - which is probably also true. I'm brainstorming a few ideas for a future shoot though! 

Our Christmas cards are on their way and I hope they get here before mid December, but if not just know they are coming! We decided to announce little girl's name on them so I'm very anxious for their arrival and to get them on their merry little way! 🙊 But in the mean time here is a little sneak peak at some of our photos and our 30 Week BumpDate with Baby Morgan! 

In ABSOLUTE LOVE with this one! 😻

How Far Along: 30 Weeks and 2 Days today!
Total Weight Gain: +16 as of my appointment today - I'm really start to DREAD this whole scale thing because I don't know where all this weight is going! 😬 
Maternity Clothes:  Absolutely loving the maternity shirts I bought last week! I've officially made the switch from scrub tops to my black t-shirts and lab jackets which makes all the difference at work! 
Sleeping: I've becoming more and more tired even though I'm taking my iron supplements - just trying to soak up as much sleep as I can before she gets here! 😴
Best Moment This Week: So far hearing her heartbeat at our appointment this morning but my baby shower is this coming Saturday! 
Movement: This little girl is a rolling machine - her new favorite spot is under my right rib! 
Food Cravings: I'm not having any cravings but I'm focusing more on fruits and veggies because I'm starting to swell after work and after running errands during the day - laying low on the salt & carbs.
Sickness or Health: Besides feeling tired, I feel pretty good! I'm starting to notice bending down and putting on shoes is soon to be a thing of the past. 
Mood: I'm moody this week - I think its because I'm again, tired. I really just want to sleep! 
Pregnancy Wisdom: Baby Morgan is the size of a head of cabbage! 💕 
Weekly Milestone: Prepping for the shower - I can't wait to see all of our family and friends! 

This week has been kinda busy for us and will continue on through the weekend! I worked Saturday through Monday, I was off today and back at it for another two shifts tomorrow & Thursday. My work Christmas party is Friday night, my baby shower is Saturday and we're attending a graduation party on Sunday! I'll be so happy when Monday comes and I can tackle the nursery and start organizing/putting her stuff away, maybe even squeeze in a nap! Nah, most definitely squeezing in a nap.

I'm so excited but also so nervous for my shower! I know its going to be beautiful because I honestly have the greatest friends who are putting in an amazing job and effort getting it all together for us - I can't wait to see everyone and just spend time celebrating little girl with people who mean the most to Jimmy & I. 💖 We're having it at a restaurant we love and frequented often before little lady was even a thing. This makes it even more special and I can't wait to share it with you all! 

We're also almost ready for Christmas down here! We're supposed to get a major cold front this weekend too which will be really nice because Florida only knows one temperature & thats HOT. I can finally wear some of my 'winter attire'. We just have to hang our Christmas lights outside and finish up some decor for the tree and we're ALL DONE this holiday season! But until then, this pregnant lady is going to relax and find some holiday treats from Pinterest to make over the next few weeks!  If you have any favorites- send them my way! 😘 

Happy December from our family to yours! 


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