Hi everyone! 💗 I hope you all are more prepared for this coming holiday than I am! I have seriously been such a slacker this year when it comes to Christmas - I honestly just finished decorating our tree tonight and sent out our Christmas cards & baby shower thank you cards yesterday.  Oops! 🌲 But hey, there's always next year right? I just feel like time is a thing of the past and I'm trying to enjoy the last little bit of it before our daughter comes in just eight short weeks without sweating the rest! 

Yesterday we spent the day at SeaWorld with my nephew for their annual Christmas Town event. It was such a good time & I'm so thankful I got to spend some quality time with family and friends this past weekend in Orlando. More on this weekend below & Baby Morgan's 32 Week BumpDate: 

How Far Along: 32 Weeks and 2 Days 😋
Total Weight Gain: As of my appointment this morning, I actually lost 3 lbs from my last so officially up +13, but she's head down & my midwife says she's growing so they aren't worried.  
Maternity Clothes: As you can see, I'm still living in leggings & stretchy shirts. Everything just feels so tight & uncomfortable - I can't wait until I can crawl into thermal legging pajamas and a sports bra at night. 
Sleeping: My sleeping is still all over the place - one minute I'm exhausted and the next I'm wide awake. Tonight I fell asleep on the couch at 7pm and was awake and ready to go so I figured I'd knock out this week's BumpDate. 😁
Best Moment This Week: Feeling all of little girl's kicks and squirms, I'm really going to miss these when she's here. 
Movement:  Still super active, her feet are attracted to my rib cage! 
Food Cravings: No cravings, but my diet has been poor, I just want rice, french fries and bread! 🍞🍟🍚 The struggle is real though!  
Sickness or Health: Headaches, exhaustion and achiness are pretty much it. This third trimester has officially began to wear on me. 
Mood: I'm very moody! Sorry guys, but I'm just so tired and achy. If I hear one more person say "this is only the beginning" I'm liable to scream. 😖
Pregnancy Wisdom: Baby Morgan is the size of baby bok choy! 
Weekly Milestone: We were gifted Baby's first Christmas ornament! 💕 Thank you Aunt Sabrina! 

We had such a really nice time this weekend! I love spending time with this little boy and seeing him smile. He is so excited to become a big cousin and it just makes me so happy to see him happy! He was in awe at all the Christmas lights and honestly, so was I! It was absolutely beautiful and it was just what we needed as a family. Florida never feels like Christmas to me because of the weather so it was nice to see everything decorated and feeling festive! 😍 I definitely indulged after all the walking we did - hot chocolate everything please! 

Sea of Trees all lit up! They changed colors every few seconds, it was amazing!

Hot chocolate with ALL the whipped cream & marshmallows thanks to my sister! 

Seriously, the most BEAUTIFUL tree I've ever seen! 

Doing all of these things with family just makes me super excited for next year when we can take our little one with us! Even with all the crying and poor picture taking that may come with it! 😂 But until then, I'll be sitting on the couch day dreaming about future family traditions, fighting off this prego headache while drinking some lavender tea! Goodnight everyone! 💜

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