You guys! We have 61 days until my due date - WHAT?! How is that even possible?

I can't even begin to tell you about this past weekend! We had such a busy schedule with everything going on but honestly it has been one of the best weekends of my life! I know that once she comes we won't be able to get up and go like we do now, so its nice to be able to create such great memories with friends & family these last few weeks.

We had such a good time at my Christmas party and even though I couldn't part take in all the festivities, Jimmy had a great time and memories were made! Saturday was my baby shower and I am still literally left speechless (more on that below) and then Sunday we celebrated a friend passing her Nurse Practitioner boards! So proud of you Elyse! 💜 We've been on the go, so its been really nice to just relax and reflect on the last few days!

For my 31 Week BumpDate I'm just going to tease you a leeeeeeeettle bit with some pictures from before ↑ and after ↓ the shower, but I promise to show you all how amazing it turned out once I get the photos back, because honestly, words do it NO JUSTICE! 😍

How Far Along: 31 Weeks and 2 Days 
Total Weight Gain: Still +16 as of yesterday. I know she's growing, but I absolutely dread the scale at these appointments now. 😥 
Maternity Clothes:  Still living in my maternity shirts and squeezing into my last pair of jeans. I refuse to buy any jeans this late in the game! 😂
Sleeping: My sleep schedule has been all over the place, some days I can't wait to crawl in bed and yesterday I was up at 6AM and didn't go to sleep until midnight! 
Best Moment This Week: By far best moment was my baby shower! Still so overwhelmed by the endless love and support from everyone that came - it felt like a dream! 💝
Movement:  I've found she's super active when I take a bath - its crazy how much she moves! 
Food Cravings: No new cravings this week, just trying to find balance and give little lady everything she needs to continue to grow! 
Sickness or Health: Nothing new to report, my next appointment is this coming week. 
Mood: Thankful! For such a wonderful support system that never fails me when needed!  
Pregnancy Wisdom: Baby Morgan is the size of a coconut! 🌴 
Weekly Milestone: Putting away all of this kid's clothes and amazing gifts! We are just so thankful for such amazing friends & family! 💕

Like I had mentioned earlier, I plan to show you exactly all the details and effort put into the shower because of these amazing girls! I seriously can not brag enough how much I love and cherish them!
I am truly lucky to have these once in a lifetime friends (missing a few in this photo).  

I also can't believe the overwhelming amount of support & love we felt from everyone that came and shared our special day with us! I just remember walking in and feeling so much emotion from seeing everyone, it was completely surreal! The day felt exactly like a dream that I never wanted to wake up from! 💓 I can't wait to see photos and share them with everyone because honestly, I did not take a single picture. I just wanted to be in the moment and enjoy every single second of it - and believe me, what magical moments they were! I will cherish them for the rest of my life! 

I want to thank everyone again for the outpouring love we received this weekend! I can't wait to introduce our daughter to you all so she can see what the true meaning of life is really all about! 😘


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