Gobble gobble! It's the weekend before Thanksgiving and I can NOT believe November is almost finished! Seriously, I've said it time and time again but this year has flown by - which makes me ever so thankful for these blog posts to look back on! 💛

I think we've been lucky this year weather wise, the temperatures feel cooler than last year and its kind of nice that I can FINALLY pull some sweaters out to wear and not feel like a roasting turkey! The dogs have thoroughly enjoyed the outside time in the backyard the last few afternoons and I can't help but snap photos and videos of them rolling around in the grass & tossing pinecones! It may not be much, but its the first sort of sign Fall or Winter even exists that I've seen around the Morgan Household! 

We took advantage of the nice afternoon the other day and I was lucky to get quite the poses out of them - completely by chance of course! 

Living the Ruff Life 🍃

Pinecone Cash 🍁

Pine Cone Athena 🌲

Other than our usual work schedule, we also had our 4D ultrasound on Monday! Jimmy was out of town on business but he was excited to see all of the pictures we were able to get on a CD. 😊 It was also nice to have a girls moment with my mom, sister and close friends who came along to see little babe as well! It is pretty crazy to see how much she has grown in just six short weeks since we've seen her last - it was so relieving to count all of her fingers & toes and to see that she had a fully detailed face! I know she's in there but she's NOW officially a tiny babe growing in there!

(Insert melting heart here  <----- 💓)

I know she'll probably change even more by the times she arrives and as she grows I'm sure she'll favor one of us more than the other, but I honestly think she looks exactly like Jimmy! 😍 At our anatomy scan, our tech said she has big full lips and a nose that matched Jimmy's and I couldn't agree more after seeing her face more formed this time around! We can't wait to hold her and kiss those sweet little baby girl cheeks for the first time! 

Since back in town, Jimmy has been hard at work to finish up her nursery! He cut and fit all the crown molding himself in her room and it looks amazing! Heck, thats an understatement! He has worked so hard from literally laying all the tile to grouting to hand measuring all of the new baseboards and molding. I couldn't be more proud or thankful for all of his hard work! Now all we need is to decide on a closet layout - honestly at this point, I'd be happy with anything! I'm just ready to fill that room with all of her stuff! 💕

This weekend we are completely booked out! This afternoon we had our annual holiday photos done and I can NOT wait to see them and share them with you all! I am seriously in LOVE with our photographer Heather! 💜 And tomorrow we are trekking our way around town to attend TWO weddings -  I'm super excited but already tired just thinking about it! 😂 My feet want my bed!

We're also gearing up for Thanksgiving at my parents and our annual Friendsgiving that we've hosted that last two years at our house! I've already started stocking up on the essential ingredients- green been casserole, sweet potatoes, fresh cranberry sauce, and my favorite gravy recipe! MMMMMM!  Being pregnant at Thanksgiving might just be the best thing to ever happen to me since sliced bread! 😋🍴

Hopefully, all of you are prepping for a wonderful holiday weekend with your own families! I can't wait to see all the photos and all the yummy dishes! Keep an eye out for our 28 Week BumpDate - probably posting midweek given my work schedule and the holiday! Lots of love everybody!


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