Happy Sunday! I hope that you all are recovering from Thanksgiving just as well as we are. And by recovering I mean, we haven't left our couch with the exception of some little Black Friday shopping yesterday & buying our Christmas tree this morning. Priorities I guess! 

I was super pumped to see that everyone had such a great time with family for Thanksgiving! I enjoyed all of the smiles and the amazing food pictures I saw plastered all over social media - it makes me SUPER excited to have a repeat for our annual Friendsgiving tomorrow! Mmmmm, bring on more mashed potatoes and gravy, I've got room to grow in these maternity leggings! πŸ˜‹

We had a really great time this year with our immediate family - my sister Emily, her fiancΓ© Brian, my nephew Harden, my mom and ol' Jimbo. I was pretty sad because Jimmy's family lives so far away and my dad was working. As times goes on, these little things become pretty big things and it doesn't quite feel like the holidays celebrating without them. I feel similar about the lack of cooler weather. Luckily, I enjoy the rain when its all 'doom and gloom' here in Florida so in my opinion it was perfect Thanksgiving weather! Nothing like breaking out a comfy sweater & rain boots to enjoy a hearty turkey dinner in. 

These last two years we've split the meal and designated dishes so all the cooking doesn't fall on my mom. She makes the turkey and gets to host while we bring pretty much everything to her. We had quite the spread! My sister made mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole - I mean honestly, whats Thanksgiving without both?! My mom made stuffing, the bird & deviled eggs. And we brought 'real' green bean casserole, homemade cranberry sauce, corn casserole and sugar ham. I'm not a huge turkey fan so I always make a little crockpot ham, because again, more is better for Thanksgiving! It was surely a day to be thankful for. πŸ’› It's crazy to think next year we'll have a high chair next to us with little girl in it! 

After we ate and cleaned up, Jimmy & I ventured out to Best Buy. We literally parked the car, got out, and got back in the car. This Black Friday business is no joke after Thanksgiving. There were lines and people everywhere and its not something I found too appealing. I told Jimmy he could just buy the 50 inch TV he wanted at full price so we could avoid that awful mess standing before us. 😳 Thanks, but no thanks! 

I did however, venture out Friday with a girlfriend of mine and found some really cute deals (see below) that I couldn't help but pass up. And surprisingly, the stores were not as crowded as I had anticipated. I also did some online shopping from the couch which included a decent amount of maternity clothes from Target and a full bedding set from Burt's Bees Baby with a changing pad cover ( <-- sale still happening, click the link!) πŸ™ˆ Can you ever really go wrong with $5 maternity t-shirts and 65% off baby bedding?

These are just a few of toy favorites I scored during the sales:

(1) Thermal Polar Bear Top & Thermal Polar Bear Bottoms - currently still on sale for $10 a piece! Could NOT pass up on matching pajama sets this holiday season! 

(2) Maternity Moto Leggings - currently still on sale for $25, cut from $34.99 😍 I can't wait until these babes get here in the mail! 

(3) Bath & Body Works Tote Bag & Goodies - special run only on Black Friday - spent $30 and was able to purchase this tote and all its goodies for an additional $30, so perfect for Christmas gifts and maybe a future baby bag? 

Thankfully, almost ALL of my Christmas shopping is done for! I have to buy a gift for my Secret Santa and I have a little something up my sleeve for Jimmy but other than that everything is bought and hidden! I'm also going GAGA for the Hearth & Hand Collection at Target! I promise you will see these VERY soon underneath my tree and on my dining room table for Christmas dinner! Jimmy thinks I'm batty but I just want them so bad for dinner parties and I think they are so interchangeable for next year's Thanksgiving festivities! πŸ’š I want galvanized steel EVERYTHING!  

Aside from all the holiday madness, we are gearing up for our 2nd annual Friendsgiving tomorrow! Our bank account is very lucky Target only had four of those dishes yesterday instead of the ten I need or else they'd be sitting pretty on top of our gold table cloths! πŸ˜‚ I love days like tomorrow - its so nice to have our closet friends over and to catch up apart from our busy lives.

I'll be sure to make a post with all the details but for now, I'm dreaming of the smell of hot apple cider while making google eyes at our newly lit tree! πŸŽ„

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