Am I the only one who isn't feeling the least bit guilty about playing Christmas music 24/7 in their house?! Which I must confess - I'm doing right now! 🙈 I feel like Thanksgiving is already a thing of the past and Christmas has commenced 110%! This past weekend was honestly one for the books & I can't wait to continue holiday traditions that we have set into place already with our little girl next year!

We picked a name but are waiting until we send out our Christmas cards to friends and family first to make her big debut! We're still debating middle names but hey - it's taken us THIS long to pick a first name so I guess you could say we're making progress! 😊

I finally got the results from my glucose test which thank goodness was a passing result! I stressed and stressed about it until I was a nervous wreck! I did however get unexpected news that I'm anemic and my blood levels are low for what my midwives would like. This would explain the sudden  tiredness I've been feeling these past two weeks & the lack of color in my face. I'm bring the PALE back people. Watch out!

I also want to personally thank the person who came up with filters and photo editing because I can tell you I was not feeling this week's BumpDate photos! ↓ But here it is:

How Far Along: 29 Weeks and 4 Days today! 😌
Total Weight Gain: +13 still, my next appointment is this coming week so I'm anxious to see how much little girl has grown! 
Maternity Clothes: Target had a megasale Black Friday so I am LIVING in their maternity tank tops, t-shirts and leggings. This belly is FINALLY starting to make an appearance and making even scrubs uncomfortable! 
Sleeping: I've getting to sleep more quickly this week but I'm always so tired - which again now makes sense because of my low iron levels.
Best Moment This Week: We celebrated Friendsgiving Sunday! It was so nice to catch up and just be in good company! 🍴🍗 (See all the yummy recipes we made below ↓ ) 
Movement: She's still a wiggle worm, she's starting to get into cycles which is nice - i can almost anticipate when she'll wake up. She still hates the doppler at my appointments and literally SQUIRMS her way far away from it! 
Food Cravings: I'm trying to stay away from salt & carbs but I'm starting to get my coffee cravings back! I'll have one a week preferably before my third work shift to get things going.
Sickness or Health: Besides being tired - I've found I've definitely started to get winded randomly so I've been walking a lot work and trying to get in more exercise during the days I'm off - And by exercise I mean walking around Target & the mall! 😝
Mood: Thankful - Everything is going so great recently, I'm honestly living in one of the best moments of my life right now, so we're really just so thankful! 
Pregnancy Wisdom: Baby Morgan is almost 3 whole pounds! 😳 
Weekly Milestone: We've got baby bedding people! 

Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of Friendsgiving like I had originally planned! Instead, we had an amazing dinner surround by friends and their little ones making for a night I will never forget! At my friend's halloween party they had spiked apple cider in the crockpot and I have been looking forward to making it for our company ever since! (See recipe below) It was SUPER EASY to make - I decided to leave the bourbon out of the crockpot so people could add however much they wanted in their drink - not to mention I really didn't want to make a separate batch for me & the babe! 🍺

Overall, it was a great time! I made another crockpot sugar ham like for my family's Thanksgiving and everyone brought a dish or two so there was PLENTY of food! I seriously ate leftovers until Jimmy threw them out. He said our baby couldn't survive off stuffing & cranberry sauce. 🐔 A pregnant girl can try though! I've put together a few of the recipes I made over the past week for my family's get together and for our annual Friendsgiving. I typically use these interchangeably with Thanksgiving & Christmas too the last few years because they are super easy & super delicious! 

In closing, I just wanted to share a little photo that my mom found. She sent it to my dad and he sent it to me one night while I was at work. To other people, its just a photo but for some reason it struck a sweet spot and I'm really glad he sent it my way when he did. It just makes me appreciate this journey of becoming a parent with Jimmy and I can't wait to have photos like this of our little girl and our family! 💕


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