Happy Tuesday!

I hope this post finds you all adjusting well into this week and finding a smooth grove!

Today was a bit rocky for me. There are some things in life that we just can't control and I'm having to have a little pep talk with myself about these types of things. As I grow up and experience more of what life has to offer, I'm realizing that the things that once mattered don't anymore, and thats completely okay. I have to focus on myself and my own sanity instead of trying to save everyone else's. Thats a tough pill to have to swallow. But its one that I have to in order to continue to strive to be the best version of myself for my husband and my daughter when she arrives. I hate to saw pregnancy has really put life into perspective but it has changed my thought process for the future to come in such a short amount of time. 😌

As far as little girl is concerned, we had our 26 Week appointment Friday and everything is still on track for February. My nurse practitioner is a tad bit on the loud side and when she had the heart doppler to my stomach I could feel little lady practically running away from her! 😁 Her heart rate was around 140 and my nurse practitioner said everything seemed great for her weight and size. I asked her about my little baby bump and she said not to worry, I'll have a belly to show off in no time! We scheduled my glucose test for my next appointment in three weeks so I'm trying to be good for that Not that it will matter, the results will be whatever they may be but still, a pregnant girl can dream! Fingers crossed that healthier eating habits and lots of water will be on my side come my next appointment! 🙈

How Far Along: 26 Weeks and 4 Days
Total Weight Gain: +8.4 lbs officially at my doctor's appointment on Friday. 
Maternity Clothes: I have legit been living in leggings, t-shirts and button ups. Easy peasy my friends! 😊
Sleeping: Still hard to fall asleep some nights, I legit woke up last night so hungry around 2AM. Muffins & O.J. for the win! 
Best Moment This Week: Celebrating my dad's birthday last night and having friends over this past weekend! 
Movement: Little girl has been ON THE MOVE! She moves all the time! 
Food Cravings: I've been feeling orange juice and veggies this week. Sliced cucumbers and apples have been life this week! 🍊🍴🍎
Sickness or Health: I've been so-so this week, I've been napping a lot! Growing a baby is hard work you guys! 😬
Mood: Again so-so. I really don't have any patience lately, which is mostly my problem but I just can't "people" these past few days. 
Pregnancy Wisdom: Baby Morgan is about 2 lbs and her eyelashes and eyebrows are forming! 🍼
Weekly Milestone: Watching her wiggle across my belly during the night! 

This week so far has been quite interesting, we had our first run in with parenting per say when we attended friend's of ours child's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. I hadn't been since I was probably like five or six but now I totally understand how they make a killing on birthday parties & feeding off little kids souls! 

A simple equation of unlimited games, pizza and fruit punch mixed with loud music and the main mouse Chuck himself makes for one heck of a time for both parents and their kids! I felt overwhelmed the moment we walked in so I can only imagine how little kids feel! Of course they are craving for more when its time to leave! It was good to go and say hello to friends we hadn't seen in a while, life gets in the way and thats inevitable. But it was a good experience and definitely opened up a little glimpse into the world Jimmy & I are about to dive head first into! Don't we look thrilled! ↑😂 


After Chuck E. Cheese, we headed home and prepared for more friend's to come over for the UFC fight we bought. Like I said earlier, life is happening no matter how much we wish it to just SLOWWW down, so having people over was something to look forward too (even in the anti-people mood I've been in lately). Jimmy & I, as well as our close friends all have our own stuff going on. Careers, school, kids and just day to day stuff keeps us pretty busy so its always refreshing to just be able to veg out on the couch with a huge appetizer spread in the kitchen and just enjoy each other's company sometimes. My Godson J.J. followed Athena around all night long and I was lucky enough to snag this picture - monkey see, monkey do, right?! ↑😍

Sunday was pretty mellow, I had to work and it was a shift that worked me to the max. One heart attack, two potential strokes, one sepsis patient and a partridge in a pair tree. Too soon for Christmas? Luckily, they all had very good outcomes and I did the best I could taking care of them, but mannn I was exhausted! I was never so happy to come home and sleep Monday morning after a class for work until my family came over for dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday! ↓ 

It was a cute little celebration and I genuinely had a good time which is sometimes difficult with family but hey you make it work I guess. It's these family memories that I'll remember for the rest of my life and hope to recreate with my daughter and Jimmy in the years to come no matter how chaotic it may seem in the moment. It was good to see the old man smile! 😊 

Happy 69th Birthday Young Sir! 🎂

The rest of the week I'll be planning and prepping for my sister's bridal shower this Saturday! Like I had predicted, this week has come so quickly, pretty soon it will be Thanksgiving, Christmas, her wedding in January and then baby girl will be here in early February! If anyone knows the secret to life & its timing, please let me in on it! Until then, I hope you all enjoy your week & keep your fingers crossed for a smooth ending to this one for us over here in the Morgan Household! 💕


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