Am I the only one who isn't feeling the least bit guilty about playing Christmas music 24/7 in their house?! Which I must confess - I'm doing right now! πŸ™ˆ I feel like Thanksgiving is already a thing of the past and Christmas has commenced 110%! This past weekend was honestly one for the books & I can't wait to continue holiday traditions that we have set into place already with our little girl next year!

We picked a name but are waiting until we send out our Christmas cards to friends and family first to make her big debut! We're still debating middle names but hey - it's taken us THIS long to pick a first name so I guess you could say we're making progress! 😊

I finally got the results from my glucose test which thank goodness was a passing result! I stressed and stressed about it until I was a nervous wreck! I did however get unexpected news that I'm anemic and my blood levels are low for what my midwives would like. This would explain the sudden  tiredness I've been feeling these past two weeks & the lack of color in my face. I'm bring the PALE back people. Watch out!

I also want to personally thank the person who came up with filters and photo editing because I can tell you I was not feeling this week's BumpDate photos! ↓ But here it is:

How Far Along: 29 Weeks and 4 Days today! 😌
Total Weight Gain: +13 still, my next appointment is this coming week so I'm anxious to see how much little girl has grown! 
Maternity Clothes: Target had a megasale Black Friday so I am LIVING in their maternity tank tops, t-shirts and leggings. This belly is FINALLY starting to make an appearance and making even scrubs uncomfortable! 
Sleeping: I've getting to sleep more quickly this week but I'm always so tired - which again now makes sense because of my low iron levels.
Best Moment This Week: We celebrated Friendsgiving Sunday! It was so nice to catch up and just be in good company! πŸ΄πŸ— (See all the yummy recipes we made below ↓ ) 
Movement: She's still a wiggle worm, she's starting to get into cycles which is nice - i can almost anticipate when she'll wake up. She still hates the doppler at my appointments and literally SQUIRMS her way far away from it! 
Food Cravings: I'm trying to stay away from salt & carbs but I'm starting to get my coffee cravings back! I'll have one a week preferably before my third work shift to get things going.
Sickness or Health: Besides being tired - I've found I've definitely started to get winded randomly so I've been walking a lot work and trying to get in more exercise during the days I'm off - And by exercise I mean walking around Target & the mall! 😝
Mood: Thankful - Everything is going so great recently, I'm honestly living in one of the best moments of my life right now, so we're really just so thankful! 
Pregnancy Wisdom: Baby Morgan is almost 3 whole pounds! 😳 
Weekly Milestone: We've got baby bedding people! 

Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of Friendsgiving like I had originally planned! Instead, we had an amazing dinner surround by friends and their little ones making for a night I will never forget! At my friend's halloween party they had spiked apple cider in the crockpot and I have been looking forward to making it for our company ever since! (See recipe below) It was SUPER EASY to make - I decided to leave the bourbon out of the crockpot so people could add however much they wanted in their drink - not to mention I really didn't want to make a separate batch for me & the babe! 🍺

Overall, it was a great time! I made another crockpot sugar ham like for my family's Thanksgiving and everyone brought a dish or two so there was PLENTY of food! I seriously ate leftovers until Jimmy threw them out. He said our baby couldn't survive off stuffing & cranberry sauce. πŸ” A pregnant girl can try though! I've put together a few of the recipes I made over the past week for my family's get together and for our annual Friendsgiving. I typically use these interchangeably with Thanksgiving & Christmas too the last few years because they are super easy & super delicious! 

In closing, I just wanted to share a little photo that my mom found. She sent it to my dad and he sent it to me one night while I was at work. To other people, its just a photo but for some reason it struck a sweet spot and I'm really glad he sent it my way when he did. It just makes me appreciate this journey of becoming a parent with Jimmy and I can't wait to have photos like this of our little girl and our family! πŸ’•



Happy Sunday! I hope that you all are recovering from Thanksgiving just as well as we are. And by recovering I mean, we haven't left our couch with the exception of some little Black Friday shopping yesterday & buying our Christmas tree this morning. Priorities I guess! 

I was super pumped to see that everyone had such a great time with family for Thanksgiving! I enjoyed all of the smiles and the amazing food pictures I saw plastered all over social media - it makes me SUPER excited to have a repeat for our annual Friendsgiving tomorrow! Mmmmm, bring on more mashed potatoes and gravy, I've got room to grow in these maternity leggings! πŸ˜‹

We had a really great time this year with our immediate family - my sister Emily, her fiancΓ© Brian, my nephew Harden, my mom and ol' Jimbo. I was pretty sad because Jimmy's family lives so far away and my dad was working. As times goes on, these little things become pretty big things and it doesn't quite feel like the holidays celebrating without them. I feel similar about the lack of cooler weather. Luckily, I enjoy the rain when its all 'doom and gloom' here in Florida so in my opinion it was perfect Thanksgiving weather! Nothing like breaking out a comfy sweater & rain boots to enjoy a hearty turkey dinner in. 

These last two years we've split the meal and designated dishes so all the cooking doesn't fall on my mom. She makes the turkey and gets to host while we bring pretty much everything to her. We had quite the spread! My sister made mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole - I mean honestly, whats Thanksgiving without both?! My mom made stuffing, the bird & deviled eggs. And we brought 'real' green bean casserole, homemade cranberry sauce, corn casserole and sugar ham. I'm not a huge turkey fan so I always make a little crockpot ham, because again, more is better for Thanksgiving! It was surely a day to be thankful for. πŸ’› It's crazy to think next year we'll have a high chair next to us with little girl in it! 

After we ate and cleaned up, Jimmy & I ventured out to Best Buy. We literally parked the car, got out, and got back in the car. This Black Friday business is no joke after Thanksgiving. There were lines and people everywhere and its not something I found too appealing. I told Jimmy he could just buy the 50 inch TV he wanted at full price so we could avoid that awful mess standing before us. 😳 Thanks, but no thanks! 

I did however, venture out Friday with a girlfriend of mine and found some really cute deals (see below) that I couldn't help but pass up. And surprisingly, the stores were not as crowded as I had anticipated. I also did some online shopping from the couch which included a decent amount of maternity clothes from Target and a full bedding set from Burt's Bees Baby with a changing pad cover ( <-- sale still happening, click the link!) πŸ™ˆ Can you ever really go wrong with $5 maternity t-shirts and 65% off baby bedding?

These are just a few of toy favorites I scored during the sales:

(1) Thermal Polar Bear Top & Thermal Polar Bear Bottoms - currently still on sale for $10 a piece! Could NOT pass up on matching pajama sets this holiday season! 

(2) Maternity Moto Leggings - currently still on sale for $25, cut from $34.99 😍 I can't wait until these babes get here in the mail! 

(3) Bath & Body Works Tote Bag & Goodies - special run only on Black Friday - spent $30 and was able to purchase this tote and all its goodies for an additional $30, so perfect for Christmas gifts and maybe a future baby bag? 

Thankfully, almost ALL of my Christmas shopping is done for! I have to buy a gift for my Secret Santa and I have a little something up my sleeve for Jimmy but other than that everything is bought and hidden! I'm also going GAGA for the Hearth & Hand Collection at Target! I promise you will see these VERY soon underneath my tree and on my dining room table for Christmas dinner! Jimmy thinks I'm batty but I just want them so bad for dinner parties and I think they are so interchangeable for next year's Thanksgiving festivities! πŸ’š I want galvanized steel EVERYTHING!  

Aside from all the holiday madness, we are gearing up for our 2nd annual Friendsgiving tomorrow! Our bank account is very lucky Target only had four of those dishes yesterday instead of the ten I need or else they'd be sitting pretty on top of our gold table cloths! πŸ˜‚ I love days like tomorrow - its so nice to have our closet friends over and to catch up apart from our busy lives.

I'll be sure to make a post with all the details but for now, I'm dreaming of the smell of hot apple cider while making google eyes at our newly lit tree! πŸŽ„


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Current situation - sitting on the couch with my three favorite pups, Jimmy to my left and sipping a little "mommosa" courtesy of my hubby while we watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade! πŸ’›

My heart is so full right now, we woke up healthy and breathing and have so much to be thankful for this year including our growing little girl! As I sit here reminiscing about this past week, Jimmy and I are really so lucky to have each other and the experiences that we share. We had the amazing photography session Saturday and I'm so eagerly anticipating getting those back and ready for Christmas cards. 😍 We've also already hit the third and final trimester! I had my glucose test and appointment yesterday and everything looks amazing! Praying for good glucose result which should be back after this weekend - time is flying people!

Here's a little snippet of our 28 Week Bumpdate:

How Far Along: 28 Weeks and 4 Days - 3rd Trimester! 
Total Weight Gain: +13 thus far confirmed at my doctor's appointment yesterday. Finally have this belly poking out! 
Maternity Clothes: I bought a tank top for under my sweater  for our Christmas photos ↑ details & links above on my outfit! 
Sleeping: Sleeping is getting better. I just wake up so tired. No matter how much I sleep, I don't ever feel completely rested. πŸ’€
Best Moment This Week: Taking holiday photos with Jimmy and witnessing two of the most beautiful weddings with friends & family on Sunday! πŸ’•
Movement: She's still moving. She enjoys pushing her feet into my sides at night.  
Food Cravings: I've been trying so hard to eat healthy these past few weeks. Still stressing about my glucose results! I'll be having my Last Supper today if its positive! 😁
Sickness or Health: I've been feeling okay this week, work is starting to get pretty tiring but I expected that the further I am along. I need to invest in more compression stockings, my poor little feet are starting to throb and swell after getting home!  
Mood: This week I've been feeling pretty good! When we got our pictures taken, it felt so bittersweet that its going to be our last Christmas just the two of us! πŸŽ„πŸŽ… 
Pregnancy Wisdom: Baby Morgan's lungs are almost mature and she's about the size of a head of cauliflower! 
Weekly Milestone: We're slowly moving in nursery furniture into her room! 😍

I also wanted to congratulate two couples who tied their knots this weekend! Congratulations newlyweds, Mr. & Mrs Fox and to Mr. & Mrs. Nungesser! All of you looked so amazing and are seriously wedding goals if Jimmy and I ever decide to renew our vows! I don't plan to elaborate much, I'll just let the pictures do the talking how much of a beautiful day it actually was surrounded by family, friends & the love of my life! πŸ’˜

Most handsome wedding date! 

Handsome Boy J.J. πŸ’™

My BFF Ali πŸ’‹

Unforgettable, thats what you are! πŸ’˜

My beautiful fellow ER nurses! 😻 Meeeeowww! 

This BRIDE! She was absolutely beautiful! πŸ‘°

We had the best time just being in the moment with these gorgeous couples and I'm so happy & excited for their lives to begin together! As far as for today - I plan on finishing up a little honey mustard and brown sugar ham in the crockpot, making 'real' green bean casserole, corn casserole and 'real' cranberry sauce. YUM! Get in my tum! We're having dinner at my parents house today while missing our family in Connecticut! Sunday, we will be preparing our annual Friendsgiving dinner. Food & festivity - I can't wait! 

So cheers to a Happy Thanksgiving from us to you & yours! πŸ’•


Gobble gobble! It's the weekend before Thanksgiving and I can NOT believe November is almost finished! Seriously, I've said it time and time again but this year has flown by - which makes me ever so thankful for these blog posts to look back on! πŸ’›

I think we've been lucky this year weather wise, the temperatures feel cooler than last year and its kind of nice that I can FINALLY pull some sweaters out to wear and not feel like a roasting turkey! The dogs have thoroughly enjoyed the outside time in the backyard the last few afternoons and I can't help but snap photos and videos of them rolling around in the grass & tossing pinecones! It may not be much, but its the first sort of sign Fall or Winter even exists that I've seen around the Morgan Household! 

We took advantage of the nice afternoon the other day and I was lucky to get quite the poses out of them - completely by chance of course! 

Living the Ruff Life πŸƒ

Pinecone Cash 🍁

Pine Cone Athena 🌲

Other than our usual work schedule, we also had our 4D ultrasound on Monday! Jimmy was out of town on business but he was excited to see all of the pictures we were able to get on a CD. 😊 It was also nice to have a girls moment with my mom, sister and close friends who came along to see little babe as well! It is pretty crazy to see how much she has grown in just six short weeks since we've seen her last - it was so relieving to count all of her fingers & toes and to see that she had a fully detailed face! I know she's in there but she's NOW officially a tiny babe growing in there!

(Insert melting heart here  <----- πŸ’“)

I know she'll probably change even more by the times she arrives and as she grows I'm sure she'll favor one of us more than the other, but I honestly think she looks exactly like Jimmy! 😍 At our anatomy scan, our tech said she has big full lips and a nose that matched Jimmy's and I couldn't agree more after seeing her face more formed this time around! We can't wait to hold her and kiss those sweet little baby girl cheeks for the first time! 

Since back in town, Jimmy has been hard at work to finish up her nursery! He cut and fit all the crown molding himself in her room and it looks amazing! Heck, thats an understatement! He has worked so hard from literally laying all the tile to grouting to hand measuring all of the new baseboards and molding. I couldn't be more proud or thankful for all of his hard work! Now all we need is to decide on a closet layout - honestly at this point, I'd be happy with anything! I'm just ready to fill that room with all of her stuff! πŸ’•

This weekend we are completely booked out! This afternoon we had our annual holiday photos done and I can NOT wait to see them and share them with you all! I am seriously in LOVE with our photographer Heather! πŸ’œ And tomorrow we are trekking our way around town to attend TWO weddings -  I'm super excited but already tired just thinking about it! πŸ˜‚ My feet want my bed!

We're also gearing up for Thanksgiving at my parents and our annual Friendsgiving that we've hosted that last two years at our house! I've already started stocking up on the essential ingredients- green been casserole, sweet potatoes, fresh cranberry sauce, and my favorite gravy recipe! MMMMMM!  Being pregnant at Thanksgiving might just be the best thing to ever happen to me since sliced bread! πŸ˜‹πŸ΄

Hopefully, all of you are prepping for a wonderful holiday weekend with your own families! I can't wait to see all the photos and all the yummy dishes! Keep an eye out for our 28 Week BumpDate - probably posting midweek given my work schedule and the holiday! Lots of love everybody!



YOU GUYS! This weekend has been CRAZY! 😁

It consisted of the Marine Corp's birthday, Jimmy's anniversary of getting out of the Marines, Veteran's Day, my sister's bridal shower and the start of my last official week of my second trimester!

I'll start out with my 27 Week BumpDate and rave about one of the first pieces of maternity clothing I bought from PinkBlush! This was the one of the dresses I had bought a while back for my sister's shower and for two weddings on the same day this next weekend. I returned the other dress because it was wayyy to big for me right now! But I can not say enough positive things about this dress that I kept! It fit amazing and although it is form fitting, I never felt like I was squeezed in! As this belly grows, my self confidence does not so it's nice to put something on and free comfortable and confident, especially when you are hosting a party! πŸ˜‹

I am in love with the unique print and know that I will wear in again for future events coming soon! I have already ordered my baby shower dress from PinkBlush as well and can't wait to show you all next month! They also have amazing sales and coupons that are e-mailed to you so be sure to sign up for their subscription list! I was very impressed with their selection of dresses on sale and was pleased to see that they have stuff you can wear everyday not just on special occasions - they also have post baby friendly clothes that moms can utilize while returning to their prebaby bodies and while nursing! I swear I already have a wish list a mile long I can't wait to splurge on!

How Far Along: 27 Weeks today!
Total Weight Gain: +8.4 lbs officially but my scale says +9lbs as of this morning.  
Maternity Clothes: My cute little dress that I LOVE ↑😍 and I preordered like five pairs of black leggings from LulaRoe! 
Sleeping: Sleeping is hit or miss. Some nights I get to sleep, other nights I don't. I've also been waking up in the middle of the night SUPER HUNGRY! 😣
Best Moment This Week: Putting together my sister's bridal shower and spending time with family & friends while celebrating our bride-to-be! 
Movement: She's still moving. Pretty much non-stop. 
Food Cravings: I've just been hungry in general. I've been trying to keep chopped veggies to snack on periodically & I've eaten atleast fifteen peanut butter & raspberry sandwiches since my last update! πŸ˜¬πŸ“πŸž
Sickness or Health: I've been feeling good thus far, I have noticed I'm extremely tired the mornings after working though. 
Mood: This week has definitely been better mood wise - minus all the stress leading up to the shower but it was completely worth it to see my sister so happy and to have people there supporting her!  
Pregnancy Wisdom: Baby Morgan can officially suck her thumb and is the size of an eggplant! πŸ†
Weekly Milestone: We're getting our 4D Ultrasound tomorrow! πŸ’•

Enough about my bump & on to the bridal shower! I have been prepping for this day mentally for the last six months of so while slowly gathering decor and ideas on Pinterest! I wanted it to be an intimate affair with people close to my sister and my family and honestly, it turned out even better than I had imagined. I wanted to thank each and every person who helped set up, contribute, listened to my vent sessions and who came to my sister's bridal shower because you all made it so special for her and for that it was a very successful day! πŸ’˜

I really wanted and planned to take more detailed pictures and do a full posting on her bridal shower and provide more in depth details but unfortunately I didn't even start getting ready until like five minutes before guests arrived so thank you to my mom's friend who captured these wonderful 'before' pictures! You are a total lifesaver to this blog posting! πŸ˜…

Living Room

Buffet Table Set-Up

Cupcake Decor

Like I said, minus a few timing setbacks, which is bound to happen on any special event right? - Everything went smoothly and my sister looked beautiful! I wanted to go with a glitter/pink/gold intimate and homey theme, and I think it turned out perfect. We decorated her chair nice with tulle and a 'Mrs.' sign she can use later at her wedding. We also have a major spread of food! I think I sent my sister home with enough meatballs, pinwheels, shrimp, cheese and cupcakes to last her and her fiancΓ© for at least a month! I just can't wait to see her as a bride! 

We also did a little bit of multi-holiday celebrating this weekend! Friday night I was off and although it was Veteran's Day Saturday, the day before is just as dear to our family and mostly to my husband because it is the Marine Corp's birthday as well as the anniversary of him getting out of the service! As his wife, it is always a bittersweet day remembering where we had once lived, the experiences and all the different people we met because of the time he spent serving this country as a United States Marine. 😘

Looking back at these pictures the other night, I couldn't help but reminisce about all the memories made living in Arizona and looking at how young we were! It definitely got my pregnancy hormones going and I couldn't help but cry because we have come so far since these pictures were taken! We're not even the same people anymore and although that makes me sad, it also makes me extremely happy to know that we're grown as a couple but also as individuals. 

And even though it has been over five years since these pictures we taken, I can still remember it like it happened yesterday! I have never been more happy to be with someone and I can honestly say these moments captured have been some of the best in my entire life! The sacrifices our veteran's make are in no way shape or form comparable to any that others else make in our country and I'm so proud to call this veteran my husband! πŸ’›



Happy Tuesday!

I hope this post finds you all adjusting well into this week and finding a smooth grove!

Today was a bit rocky for me. There are some things in life that we just can't control and I'm having to have a little pep talk with myself about these types of things. As I grow up and experience more of what life has to offer, I'm realizing that the things that once mattered don't anymore, and thats completely okay. I have to focus on myself and my own sanity instead of trying to save everyone else's. Thats a tough pill to have to swallow. But its one that I have to in order to continue to strive to be the best version of myself for my husband and my daughter when she arrives. I hate to saw pregnancy has really put life into perspective but it has changed my thought process for the future to come in such a short amount of time. 😌

As far as little girl is concerned, we had our 26 Week appointment Friday and everything is still on track for February. My nurse practitioner is a tad bit on the loud side and when she had the heart doppler to my stomach I could feel little lady practically running away from her! 😁 Her heart rate was around 140 and my nurse practitioner said everything seemed great for her weight and size. I asked her about my little baby bump and she said not to worry, I'll have a belly to show off in no time! We scheduled my glucose test for my next appointment in three weeks so I'm trying to be good for that Not that it will matter, the results will be whatever they may be but still, a pregnant girl can dream! Fingers crossed that healthier eating habits and lots of water will be on my side come my next appointment! πŸ™ˆ

How Far Along: 26 Weeks and 4 Days
Total Weight Gain: +8.4 lbs officially at my doctor's appointment on Friday. 
Maternity Clothes: I have legit been living in leggings, t-shirts and button ups. Easy peasy my friends! 😊
Sleeping: Still hard to fall asleep some nights, I legit woke up last night so hungry around 2AM. Muffins & O.J. for the win! 
Best Moment This Week: Celebrating my dad's birthday last night and having friends over this past weekend! 
Movement: Little girl has been ON THE MOVE! She moves all the time! 
Food Cravings: I've been feeling orange juice and veggies this week. Sliced cucumbers and apples have been life this week! 🍊🍴🍎
Sickness or Health: I've been so-so this week, I've been napping a lot! Growing a baby is hard work you guys! 😬
Mood: Again so-so. I really don't have any patience lately, which is mostly my problem but I just can't "people" these past few days. 
Pregnancy Wisdom: Baby Morgan is about 2 lbs and her eyelashes and eyebrows are forming! 🍼
Weekly Milestone: Watching her wiggle across my belly during the night! 

This week so far has been quite interesting, we had our first run in with parenting per say when we attended friend's of ours child's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. I hadn't been since I was probably like five or six but now I totally understand how they make a killing on birthday parties & feeding off little kids souls! 

A simple equation of unlimited games, pizza and fruit punch mixed with loud music and the main mouse Chuck himself makes for one heck of a time for both parents and their kids! I felt overwhelmed the moment we walked in so I can only imagine how little kids feel! Of course they are craving for more when its time to leave! It was good to go and say hello to friends we hadn't seen in a while, life gets in the way and thats inevitable. But it was a good experience and definitely opened up a little glimpse into the world Jimmy & I are about to dive head first into! Don't we look thrilled! ↑πŸ˜‚ 


After Chuck E. Cheese, we headed home and prepared for more friend's to come over for the UFC fight we bought. Like I said earlier, life is happening no matter how much we wish it to just SLOWWW down, so having people over was something to look forward too (even in the anti-people mood I've been in lately). Jimmy & I, as well as our close friends all have our own stuff going on. Careers, school, kids and just day to day stuff keeps us pretty busy so its always refreshing to just be able to veg out on the couch with a huge appetizer spread in the kitchen and just enjoy each other's company sometimes. My Godson J.J. followed Athena around all night long and I was lucky enough to snag this picture - monkey see, monkey do, right?! ↑😍

Sunday was pretty mellow, I had to work and it was a shift that worked me to the max. One heart attack, two potential strokes, one sepsis patient and a partridge in a pair tree. Too soon for Christmas? Luckily, they all had very good outcomes and I did the best I could taking care of them, but mannn I was exhausted! I was never so happy to come home and sleep Monday morning after a class for work until my family came over for dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday! ↓ 

It was a cute little celebration and I genuinely had a good time which is sometimes difficult with family but hey you make it work I guess. It's these family memories that I'll remember for the rest of my life and hope to recreate with my daughter and Jimmy in the years to come no matter how chaotic it may seem in the moment. It was good to see the old man smile! 😊 

Happy 69th Birthday Young Sir! πŸŽ‚

The rest of the week I'll be planning and prepping for my sister's bridal shower this Saturday! Like I had predicted, this week has come so quickly, pretty soon it will be Thanksgiving, Christmas, her wedding in January and then baby girl will be here in early February! If anyone knows the secret to life & its timing, please let me in on it! Until then, I hope you all enjoy your week & keep your fingers crossed for a smooth ending to this one for us over here in the Morgan Household! πŸ’•



Happy Halloween πŸ‘» & Happy 1st Week of November! 

This update is going to be a bit of a longggg one with the holiday passing; overall, our week has been pretty exciting in such a short amount of time! Finally, I feel like I have something to talk about other than how much time Jimmy & I spend at work. Boooooring! πŸ˜– 

As of Sunday, we turned 25 weeks officially with little No Name Morgan. It was pretty exciting because we got invited to a Halloween party and I'm trying to be as social as possible before little one makes her arrival. Because I have a feeling we will be staying home, a lot! The further along I am, the more I really don't want to take my newborn out. From what others have told me, strangers actually try to touch your baby, which really weirds me out. And the thought of others approaching her and I out in public trying to touch her honestly makes me squirm just thinking about it. πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ Sorry not sorry, just keeping it real! 

For Halloween, being that I'm only going to get bigger I didn't want to put too much effort into dressing up but I also didn't want to be that awkward person at the party who didn't dress up either. So I found a happy medium and just went as a black cat. Meeeeowwww! 😸 As I was picking out stuff at Target, I told myself "I'll wear these boots again" and into the cart they went! Then "Oh these leggings are stretchy, I'll wear these in the next few months" and into the cart they went! Seeing a pattern here? The only thing I did have was my cat ear headband from last years Halloween. Mehhh, whats a pregnant girl to do?! πŸ˜‚ I want to look cute AND feel good too! 

I had the best time though! Even though Jimmy was prepping for work and I couldn't drink, my friends made it the absolute most memorable Halloween to remember! I mean just look at these hotties! ↓ 

This is just a taste of the spread of costumes that were there and they were absolutely perfect! Of course, Lil Kim and XTina stole the show, but it's just such a perfect photograph capturing the fun and effort that everyone put into their costumes and I'm really glad that I didn't punk out like I had originally wanted too. Next year, I agree that we should just go from costume contest to contest and see how many prizes we can score with this wild bunch of co-workers I have! πŸ‘½ ER nurses do it better! 

Monday was also a successful day! Hold for details, but for now a little back story: During our first time to BuyBuyBaby, my mom and I saw a super great deal on the City Go Carseat by Baby Jogger and it was on sale for about a hundred bucks cheaper than anywhere else we had seen it advertised so we bought it when I was probably like 10 weeks along. πŸ˜‚ Seems like ages ago! But anyway, from then on I had been researching compatible strollers because I really liked the click and go travel systems. I had my eyes set on the City Select Lux because I really liked the accessories offered and all the different combinations, not to mention the fancy bells & whistles, but I wasn't really feeling the price tag of a whooping $629. 😬 

Luckily my parents have been so supportive and wanted to gift it to me for the shower. Well after thinking long and hard about the little trivial differences, I found this stroller ↓, the City Premier by Baby Jogger for $399. Not only is it essentially the same thing minus the addition of an extra seat but its still compatible to our carseat and I was excited that it was a quarter cheaper then the Lux version. Well, well, well...let me tell you about my little success at Marshall's on Monday....

Baby Jogger City Premier


I immediately freaked out and thought there was no way in hell I was leaving this thing for someone else to snatch up! This stroller was MINE! I think my parents were just as shocked as I was that it was the SAME exact stroller that was being sold elsewhere for more than 3X the amount we bought it for! Not only was my dad thrilled he didn't have to shell out $399 but he even picked out a cute little outfit for his future granddaughter with the extra savings! πŸ˜‚ Just look at his happy Gramps grin!

I mean just look at it! I have a slight obsession with pushing it around the house! It's so smooth and from what I have researched from other sites and from forums, other moms feel the exact same way! I can't wait until she's here and we can walk the neighborhood with our dad-to-be. SWOOOOON! 😍


Moving through the week, Tuesday & Wednesday I worked, and today Jimmy did something completely spontaneous which I thought was really sweet of him. He got off early and planned a little day date for the two of us earlier this week for today. Kennedy Space Center was offering a crazy discount to local residents so he came and got me around noon after I had slept some after working and we just spent the day together. πŸ˜‹ We have been talking about going forever because he's never been & I hadn't been since like 5th grade. I think it was probably more fun as an adult to be honest! 

It was just what we needed. Lately, I have to remind myself to try and live in the moment because our lives are going to be changed forever coming soon and I'm trying to soak up every little second that its just Jimmy & I. We've been just Jimmy & I for a little over eight years so it's hard to imagine it ever not being just us two. So after spending the afternoon walking around hand in hand around the different exhibits, it hit me at dinner while we were eating that this "getting up and going" is soon to be a thing of the past. Which to be honest, is a pretty hard pill to swallow. Especially after seeing a "adults only" sign on the upper rooftop terrance we LOVE eating on! Helllllllooooo Parent Life! 😝 

Bumping out with NASA - I swear my eyes are open! πŸ˜‚

So for our 25 Week BumpDate:

How Far Along: 25 Weeks and 4 Days
Total Weight Gain: +4 lbs as far as I can tell, tomorrow is my next doctors appointment so we'll know for sure. I feel like I'm probably more like around 8-10 lbs heavier. I just feel heavier! πŸ˜–
Maternity Clothes: I have been wearing a belly band more to smooth out my leggings & to hold them up. I ordered by Baby Shower dress and it came tonight! It's pretty non-traditional for a shower but I AM IN LOVE! πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
Sleeping: Still having a hard time getting to sleep, but also feeling more tired in the afternoons. 
Best Moment This Week: Spending time with Jimmy today, and I'm looking forward to our appointment tomorrow.  
Movement: Still a little wiggle worm! Her movements are more intense and my stomach is sooo tight! 
Food Cravings: No new food cravings, just trying to drink a lot of water and focus more on healthy foods. I have this underlying fear I'm going to fail my glucose test! I would probably die to be honest! 😭 
Sickness or Health: Still feeling pretty good. Just wish my stomach didn't feel so tight at times. I know it's only going to get worse as she grows, but that doesn't stop me wishing it would suck so bad.   
Mood: Pretty happy this week, can't believe we're almost out of the 2nd trimester! 
Pregnancy Wisdom: Baby Morgan is about 1.5 lbs and is the size of a cucumber! 🍼
Weekly Milestone: Stroller score & showing off my not-so-little belly anymore.   

Besides our appointment tomorrow, I don't have anything planned. I have to work my normal mid shift from 3p-3a. I'm anxious to see how it will pan out when I go back to work because of my schedule semi overlapping Jimmy's. I'm already counting on us being sleep deprived on the nights when I'm coming home and he's leaving at for work in just a few short hours. Again, welcome to the parent life! We're planning on having some people over this weekend, it feels so long since I've seen my friends because of all the craziness life brings us! Just trying to soak up all these memories while they last before we're making new ones with little girl! So bittersweet & exciting!  

Until next time! πŸ’