I think one of the most exciting things about having a baby besides creating a new life is decorating their nursery for them! Who else agrees with me? Ever since we found out that we were welcoming a baby girl, I have gone through countless pins on Pinterest and searched websites far and wide for the perfect nursery decor essentials. I was pleased to see that IKEA offered many products that I thought would fit the picture of what I had envisioned as well as at an affordable price for our growing family. 😋  

To be honest, I had a list a mile long of stuff that I had seen online on IKEA's and on Pinterest that looked so unique and practical, I thought I just have to have it all! I'm a visual person. I need to see items and look at them and move them around, so IKEA's showrooms proved the best playground for me to do just that. With her crib bought and a room size rug checked off her ever growing nursery inventory, I knew for sure I could not leave without crossing more items off the list. I mean come one, its IKEA! 

I can't wait to show you all the goodies we came home with! To see the rest of her nursery ambiance, check it out HERE! 
Let me tell you a little secret, this dresser is IKEA's best kept secret! The crib that Jimmy and I bought from Target matches PERFECT to this Hemnes Dresser. ↑ We bought the Simmons 4-1 Crib a few weeks ago in the Rustic Grey and I was just not digging the matching dresser in the collection. It had six drawer and a little changing table on top but girls need things, lots of things and that just wasn't going to work. I found this dresser in Dark Stained Grey on Pinterest and was familiar with the Hemnes collection at IKEA because our entertainment center is in that same collection and we just LOVE it! I was so pumped to see that for the same price of the Target Simmons Dresser, I could get double the amount of drawers and put a changing table on top leaving plenty of room for a diaper caddy, wipe warmer, and all the other misc. first time mom needs! 😊

For anyone looking into this same brand and color of crib, I urge you to check out this matching dresser to get more bang for your buck! I can't wait to see it put together next to her crib! 💖

I had also seen on countless Pinterest ideas on organizing dressers and closets in nurseries, but before now, I have been so lax about stuff like that. As long as it looked neat, I didn't care where stuff found a home. However, now that I'm finding a plethora of new stuff finding its way into our home, I'm feeling the pressure to make sure every item has a place. Luckily for me, these organizers fit perfectly into each drawer of the Hemnes dresser. 

For anyone interested, I bought a total of six packages with hopes that it would be enough to fit each of the twelve drawers. Any left over, I thought I can always use in the spare bathroom for her extra bath stuff. Like these cute little hooded towels I could not just pass up! ↑ Good thing she can use them until she's well into her toddler years, I'll just add them to the rest of her bath collection we've seemed to accumulate over the past few months. 😂 IKEA also had these sweet little rattles that have the crunchy, wrinkle fabric that I'm obsessed with! I don't know if I'm the only mother-to-be out there that thought of my future kid throwing these around in the car and out of her stroller with pure joy in my head! 

Wondering through the countless displays and different rooms, I couldn't help but scoop up these gems the moment I saw them! ↑ The succulent picture isn't as bright as its portrayed online but still a perfect addition to her room! 🌿 I think the color in the poster and the utility cart will help dull down some of the pink on the nursery walls and the grey of the furniture. Again, following the Pinterest craze, I saw some really awesome organization going on with this utility cart ranging from breastfeeding supplies to holding blankets and diapers. I thought it would be good to have so we can wheel it from room to room if we needed too. 

I must've taken pictures of a hundred different things I'll probably go back for. If you haven't been to an IKEA, they have pretty much anything and everything you could think of for every room! Prices are cut because of the self-assembly and warehouse style purchasing. It is the best thing ever to come to shopping! We also picked one heck of a time to go because they were offering a 15% OFF discount for everything purchased from the IKEA stores located in Florida! 😍 I will warn you ahead of time, unless you know what you're going in for, plan to set aside a block of at least a few hours to explore and grab lunch midway through shopping! 

We will be definitely be making another trip back before Baby Morgan arrives! The nesting is real people! I also want to thank my mom and dad because they have been so amazing and wouldn't us buy a single thing during checkout! With the help of my sister and soon to be brother-in-law, we loaded up our goodies and can't wait to shower our little girl with the most perfect room! We have truly been blessed with this baby and all the love from everyone! 💕 Life is good! 

Until next time IKEA! 

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