Happy Sunday everyone! I've beginning to notice a pattern in my postings, its become a lot easier to be more consistent now that I don't have school to worry about. 😊 This week has been pretty smooth. I can't say it enough how fast time feels like its going! It's already mid October! What?! It's so exciting but also so nerve wrecking that soon the holidays will be here and then my sister's wedding and THEN we're going to have a baby! Heres to the end of Week 22 and cheers to the beginning of Week 23! 🍼

How Far Along: 22 Weeks and 6 Days
Total Weight Gain: +1 lb - Starting to get a little baby bump!
Maternity Clothes: I haven't bought any so far but Zuilly is mighty tempting -  I can no longer fit comfortably in any jeans and linen shorts have become my best friend in this Florida heat! Scrubs are still fitting! 😋
Sleeping: Sleeping pretty well, I'm finding its hard to get comfortable to actually get to sleep a night. 
Best Moment This Week: Feeling her move like crazy and having other people feel her too! 
Movement: She's a wiggle worm for sure. It's almost distracting how much she moves! 😂
Food Cravings: Homemade meals - I've been making everything! Ziti, chicken noodle soup, veggie fajitas! Yum! 
Sickness or Health: Feelings pretty good, no complaints!  
Mood: Nesting for sure, I've been on a baby laundry kick ever since we bought a new washer. 
Pregnancy Wisdom: Baby Morgan is discovering her flexion and extension, which probably explains why she's such a mover! 
Weekly Milestone: Jimmy put together all of her furniture 😍 Next stop glider! 

Little Pumpkin! 🎃

I finished up decorating this week around the house! There are pumpkins and fall flowers and candles everywhere you look. I'm pretty sure Jimmy is in an apple, pumpkin, fall, fleece, gourd coma every time he walks into then house! 🙈 I'm a firm believer in having seasons, so living in Florida has grown quite hard for me once September rolls around. Its a constant 80+ degree heat with the exception of four or five 'cold' days. It's definitely hard trying to get into a festive spirit when weather plays such a huge roll, so improvising with as many pumpkins and cinnamon sticks I can find kinda, sorta makes up for it! 

Pumpkin spice & everything nice! 

The rest of the month seems as if it will fly by just as quickly as the first half. I'm prepping for my sister's bridal shower the first week of November and we are attending two weddings next weekend, so The Morgan family will definitely be on the move! And then we're taking on SeaWorld's Spooktacular holiday event with my nephew! It makes me so excited to think about all the cool things I'll be able to do next year with our little girl! So much to do this Fall season, its truly a time to be thankful and prep for Thanksgiving! 💕

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