Happy Saturday everyone! I hope this weekend is treating you all just as nice as it has been treating me and my family. We've had a pretty exciting week over here at the Morgan household! We got to see our baby girl at my appointment this past Thursday and I have fallen in absolute love! She is officially the size of a carrot and has been moving around like crazy! It's such a wild feeling having her kick and move around from the inside! 😁💕

Major photo credit to my friend Alex for this AMAZING photo! 
I couldn't stand to add any weekly baby filters to it on my Instagram account! 

How Far Along: 21 Weeks and 6 Days
Total Weight Gain: Finally back to my original pre-pregnancy weight, my doctor was happy about that. 
Maternity Clothes: Still living in dresses for everyday attire and scrubs for work. 😁
Sleeping: Starting to favor my left side more, I'm usually a back sleeper. Plus I have to pee ALL. the. time!
Best Moment This Week: Getting to see our little babe on the ultrasound machine. 😍↓
Movement: She's moving so much more! I can sometimes see my stomach moving from the outside when she does, so crazy! 
Food Cravings: No cravings, just trying to eat more balanced now that I'm back to my original weight. 🍏🍓🍤
Sickness or Health: No vomiting but I have felt more sinus pressure and have started to wake up feeling stuffy every morning.  
Mood: Still purging our house of the unnecessary stuff we've accumulated over the years. I'm on my 4th trip to GoodWill. 😜 
Pregnancy Wisdom: Baby Morgan is developing fingerprints and toe prints!   
Weekly Milestone: Hoping to buy her dresser from IKEA next week & order her bookshelf so I can put her things away, our closet is bursting! 

Our appointment was everything we could've hoped for! The ultrasound tech said she weighs about a pound already which is still so unbelievable to me. I always used to think that before I got pregnant I would be so much bigger than I am. I'm really shocked and hope it will help me bounce back to a healthy weight when she finally comes! It may change when she does arrive, but I plan for us to do a lot of neighborhood walking. My doctor said everything looks great! She has all of her fingers & toes and she's actually measuring a week EARLY! 😳 The technician switched the ultrasound to 4D and she has fuller lips like I do and her nose is spot on to Jimmy's. SWOONNN! 

I was a little freaked out at first hearing she might come sooner but then I figured she'll come when she's ready, and whats really a week in reality. I just feel a little guilty because I'm supposed to be in my sister's wedding at the end of January, two weeks prior to my due date. At her fitting, we reassessed our options and found a dress that gives in the waist and just to be sure we ordered it two sizes larger than what I'm wearing now. I guess better to be bigger than too small! Just keeping my fingers crossed we both make it to the alter! 😖

Other than work and planning for my sister's bridal shower next month, we're planning to take my nephew to SeaWorld this month for their SpookTacular event and I plan to finishing decorating our front porch for Fall tomorrow. Our local Lucky's Market had a large pumpkin selection, more than I've even seen at local patches and I literally bought twelve pumpkins. Sorry, I'm not sorry! I love Fall and I feel like it's so downplayed in Florida because it's so ungodly hot here. So stay tuned for pictures of the final product! 👻


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