"We have power!" The three words that most Floridians were begging to hear all week and some still are! 

I came home from California Tuesday night and it was oddly strange driving home from the airport. There wasn't significant damage to the area I leave in except in some neighborhoods. I remember driving onto our street and the whole area was completely dark with the humming of generators in the distant. Such an eerie but comforting sound at the same time. We did not have any damage to our house thankfully, with the exception of our fence that now leans a little to the left. 👀 But honestly in the grand scheme of things, my family is safe and many others were definitely less fortunate so I shouldn't complain. 

By Thursday night we had power back, which made for a rough 36 hours with three furry dogs and no air conditioning in 90 degree weather. Because of fuel and power loss, grocery stores were still very limited in what they were carrying as they had trouble getting trucks into the state. So I've been living off of naan bread and hummus for lunches. It was just a little insight into what potentially could've been a true disaster for the community I live in and it just makes me appreciate how fragile life really is. Places I once vacationed in just hours away are completely gone and washed away in a matter of days. It's sad but also very humbling at the same time. Slow but surely Florida and the rest of the areas affected by Hurricane Irma will repair and return. I have faith in humanity that we can restore and rebuild within ourselves. 💕

Due to our little power outage and going back to work, this post has been delayed a little bit. I was officially 19 Weeks yesterday but took this picture at 18 Weeks and 5 Days on my way to work. Not much has changed since last week except that I can feel a lot of tightening and stretching in my lower belly underneath my belly button. I had this overwhelming pain for a solid twenty minutes that felt like a huge rubber band being stretched but our doctors appointment went well and she's got a strong and solid heartbeat so thats comforting. 

How Far Along: 18 Weeks and 5 Days
Total Weight Gain: Still negative 4lbs from pre-pregnancy weight. 
Maternity Clothes: None, but I have pretty much been living in workout clothes, scrubs and leggings. No shame. 
Sleeping: Finally feel like I'm back to a somewhat "normal" schedule with the exception of work. 
Best Moment This Week: Vacationing to Californina, but missing my husband and dogs while they battled out the storm. 
Movement: I THINK I can feel some fluttering but I'm not sure because it comes and goes.
Food Cravings: Nothing this week, but I did buy a jar of pickles before I left so possibly pickles. 🍴
Sickness or Health: I only got sick once this week and that was the morning of my doctor's appointment. Ugh!   
Mood: This week I like to think I've been a little more pleasant. 
Pregnancy Wisdom: Baby Morgan now has little baby ears! 👂👂
Weekly Milestone: Had doctor's appointment and scheduled our anatomy scan! 😋

Work has kept me pretty busy since I have been home. I'm currently about to finish Day 5 of my five day stretch back to work and I already can't wait to come home and go back to sleep. Working in the Emergency Room, I pretty much don't get a moment's rest sometimes and since the storm I feel like we have been busier than ever! A lot of people didn't have power so we had a lot of incidents related to heat exhaustion and dehydration which has been extremely sad because honestly I think no matter how prepared we thought we were for this storm, even with such little damage, no one is really prepared to lose power for a week straight. We have become spoiled in this day and age. 


Aside from work, I'll give you a little glimpse into my California trip! I usually take a lot of pictures, but this trip around I honestly just snapped pictures of my fancy drinks and all of the donut shoppes we visited! Pregnancy really does have a way of altering your taste buds!

I really had such a relaxing four days visiting my friend Jamie and her amazing family. Her little babies are adorable and spending four days just hanging out on her couch watching Netflix and doing absolutely nothing is probably the best vacation I could've asked for during the chaos that ensured back here in Florida. She spoiled me with a facial and fed me and my baby all the healthy foods like she always does when I come to visit. She's honestly the best I swear and her cute little kids are just the icing on the cake! Love you guys! 😘

More donuts & chocolate almond milk! 

Honey Ginger Lemon Tea! 🍋🍋🍋

Find me underneath the palm trees! 🌴

No but seriously, these palm trees! One morning we were walking from the house to grab, guess what? Donuts & coffee! And I couldn't get over how beautiful these palms were. This picture does no justice, they were absolutely breathing taking. It made me truly appreciate the beauty of the simple things.

I hope this week is good to us & to our community. With everything going on, I hope that everyone can find it in them to be just a little nicer and kind to the people around them. There has been so much stress and craziness, people have been acting a little wacky. Everyone is going through a battle, some probably with a smile on their face, so just a little thought for you and myself included to think about this week. We rise by lifting others. 💝

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