Currently, I am flying through the air on my flight from San Diego to Atlanta. I just spent four days in sunny California and it has been pretty fantastic to say the least. It took every ounce of me not to say 'yes' when the check-in lady at the counter offered to extend my stay for another few days at no charge because of the current weather situation happening in my home state. I had the best time just doing nothing and feeling slightly guilty as I laid getting a facial while my house and neighborhood was getting pounded by rain and wind gusts. 😁 Sorry guys!

But lets be honest, I have a job and a life I need to get back home to. I wanted to toss a post out there for everyone, just because we still don't have power back home from what my husband and parents tell me. And there isn't any guarantee it will be back on time anytime soon, so a huge thank you to all the hardworking people going around the clock to ensure we have it back as soon as possible! I know how it is to be away from family when there is a need and it honestly just sucks for everyone involved. But I'm thankful, our house is safe without any damage and my family is safe, although air conditioning would be nice to go home too after being spoiled with such phenomenal weather and sunshine all weekend!

Hurricanes aren't anything new to me or my family. Growing up on the Florida coast, we've hunkered down for a few, heck one year we got four in a row! That was a fun couple of weeks. Although now, being an adult it is far more stressful. With a house and dogs and actual financial obligations to worry about, I'm sure it was anything but fun for my parents going through hurricane preparations. Luckily for me, my husband who deserves all the praise in the world for sticking this storm out, preps our house so its shuttered up tight and I've been able to escape 'hurricane duty" this and last year for Hurricane Matthew and Irma. 

Last year, I was beckoned to the hospital for the actual storm as that was my assigned rotation and I was quite shocked at how mild Hurricane Matthew actually was in our part of town. I remember a lot of wind and rain but for the most part we were spared any major damage and flooding. After three days and nights in the hospital I was never so happy to see my husband and dogs! This year I adapted the same mentally and expected about the same weather wise.  Hurricane Irma had different arrangements. 

We were predicted to get run right over by this storm and honestly in the back of my head I wasn't too worried. Selfishly, I thought how I'd be on the other side of the country and if mass destruction was going to take place as predicted, no amount of food, water or fuel was going to prep us for that kind of disaster. Friday came as I was boarding the plane to California, Jimmy drove me to the airport and kissed me goodbye and off I went as Hurricane Irma made her way through the Caribbean and towards Florida aiming to hit Sunday and Monday. 

"We are here." 

As the storm approached my husband kept me informed but then he finally lost power Sunday night. He shut his phone off to conserve battery power and he said cell service was pretty sketchy so we didn't speak much Sunday and up until this morning. Like I said earlier, I am so thankful that we have only power loss. Our house is only two years old and is built up to hurricane codes but unfortunately others weren't so lucky in our town. There were a few tornadoes that ripped up house in the county and some people lost their roofs and parts of their homes. Its scary to think about those things happening in your own hometown when you see those things happening in other places. My mom even sent me pictures of alligators roaming around town because of ponds overflowing. Can you imagine that?! Alligators just roaming the streets? I still can't wrap my head around it. 

It's becoming a reality to me that the next few days might be pretty rough as I'm sitting here writing this but I have so much to be thankful for. I'm thankful for my family safe, our animals and that I was on the other side of the country with our growing little nugget. I think we get so caught up in daily life that what is right in front of us could be taken in such little time and that is absolutely terrifying. So many other Florida residents have lost pretty much everything when a week ago their life was fine. Like I said, I don't know when I will be able to post again but things are good as of this moment. I'm on my way home to my husband and to our little fur babes and our home. And thats all I need. 


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