I'll be the first to admit, I have a real problem when it comes to Target. There is no such thing as window shopping in a store like that. One of my most favorite things about Target is the reasonable prices for the quality of the goods that they sell. Not to mention they are home to some of my favorite brands, always a plus! This being said it was a no brainer when deciding on our baby registry. I have heard mixed reviews about Target's baby registry but after having it for a few months, I can say that my opinion will be true and factual to the best of my ability.

So here goes! 

Setting up the registry was very easy. I first downloaded the Target Registry App and input all of our information. I also signed in and confirmed my Target account because I am an avid Red Card holder, debit of course so I can steal those 5% off deals at the register. Win! The app just wanted details such as my home address in case of people buying gifts from out of state, the baby's gender and due date etc. I was then prompted to add one item to the registry online (you can decline to if you want). I was then sent a confirmation e-mail that verified my e-mail information and baby details. And we were done! 😊 Simple right? 

I was then prompted to pick up my "Welcome Gift" from any Target customer service desk near my home. I was saddened when the first two times I asked for the welcome bag that they no longer had any in stock and to check back in a week when a new shipment was supposed to arrive. The lady at the desk was supper nice and sincere each time so it wasn't a big deal just disappointing. In the few weeks that past I finally got my hand on my welcome bag and was pleasantly surprised with all the goodies it contained! ↓ 😍

Inside I received: 

- one AVENT 4 oz bottle with coupons inside 
- two BabyGanics diaper with a coupon inside (size 1 diapers)
- one package of Lansinoh disposable breast pads and milk storage bags (2 breast pads and 2 milk storage bags)
- one Pampers diaper carrying clutch with a coupon (6 wipes and 1 diaper - size newborn) 
- a handful of random coupons (see below)
- one Aveeno sample of baby wash 1 fl. oz
- one Baby Dove sample of baby wash 1.8 fl. oz
- one package of The Honest Company diapers and wipes package (two size 1 diapers & my package did not contain any wipes although it advertised 10 wipes included 😕) 
- one NUK orthodontic pacifier for ages 0-6 months
- one MAM small & lightweight orthodontic pacifier 
- one Aquaphor healing ointment sample 1 fl. oz

I blame this bag for sparking my new profound love for travel size and sample size items! I was genuinely pleased with the amount of product that was given away in this Welcome Bag for registering with Target. However, I was not pleased with the wipes missing from The Honest Company package because I was actually really interested in seeing the difference in them and the Pampers brand. I was blown away by the amount of coupons that were also offered as well to the Target Baby Registrants. ↓

Some of these coupons were included in the products shown in the first picture. I just grouped them all together so you could get a better look at them. I think Target did a great job suppling soon-to-be new moms with a great array of different products to try at a discount. However, upon using some of these coupons I wasn't really pleased with the service provided by Target and its product providers.

Inside I received: 

- one $5 off Boppy Total Body Pillow
- one $5 off Munchkin STEP diaper pail 
- one $1 off Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil with a free 1 fl. oz sample
- one $25 off of $50 purchase of The Honest Company products (since received coupon has been 'recalled' - see below for complete details)
- one Buy One Get One Free Starbucks beverage coupon 😍
- one 10% off nursing bra or came purchase from Gilligan O'Malley or Medela brand
- one 10% off maternity apparel purchase from Target
- one $1 off any Baby Dove product
- one $5.00 off Babyganic diaper package priced $24.99 or higher (see below for more details before using)
- one 20% off any Cloud Island item (not shown)
- one $2.00 off any multi-pack of AVENT bottles
- one $0.75 off of any AVENT pacifier pack excluding Soothie pacifiers 
- one $1.50 off of Pampers Swaddlers diapers 

As most of you Target shoppers know, they frequently do sales in which gift cards are also advertised with purchases. I was immediately drawn to $25 off of a $50 purchase from The Honest Company. With diapers being priced at $25.99 a box, essentially I would receive a box free while receiving a gift card for $10 to Target (that was the advertised deal, buy two boxes of diapers, receive a $10 Target gift card). Upon checking out, the coupon would not ring in. I was so embarrassed but I used to be an avid couponer so I read and re-read that fine print before attempting to use it. The cashier eventually called over her supervisor and I was told that this coupon had in fact been recalled by The Honest Company and Target was no longer allowing it to be used. Fortunately, I explained that I had just received the coupon inside the registry bag and they manually honored it however they did not give me the $10 gift card as it was advertised. 😕 I also ran into the same problem when they ran the same sale with the BabyGanic diapers, again I was told the coupon was recalled and that this one time they would honor it, however again I was denied the $10 gift card. 

Overall, it's been about three months since starting the registry and I can say that there are both pros and cons to the registry. I find it extremely easy to add items to the app and even while in the store you are able to scan items while automatically adding it to your list. I also like that Target has multiple locations with the almost the same products which makes it easy for people living out of state. Some cons I did not enjoy was that product was continuously being discontinued or out of stock online which prompted me to delete said item and replace it. I also did not like that the high value coupons were not allowed to be used with advertised sales. I felt that was very misleading to loyal Target customers. I have also read that Target offers a completion coupon for most items not bought on your registry after your due date which consists of 15% off a one time purchase. This could be useful in a big ticket item. 😊 I hope this has shed some light on the inners of Target's Baby Registry. Again, this has just been my experience so far with Target's registry and even though minor negative experiences have come up, I would recommend this registry to any new mom. 💝

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