Hi guys! I can't believe it's already the month of September, one of my all time favorite months! Not only is my birthday this month, but I find it to be a starting time for the holidays which is always such an exciting thing for me. The end of August ends with my best friend's Ali's birthday and then carries on around our little group of friend's birthdays, Sabrina, then Gabby, then on to me, my lovey lady Jamie, and finally Amanda (aka Kentucky) wrapping it up until next year. 🍰 

It's literally a month and a half of celebrations which leads into Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas! I swear between pregnancy and trying to keep up with life, the rest of this year is going to FLY by! Which might be a good and also a bad thing. Still. Have. SO MUCH. TO DO. 

This week marks 17 weeks with Little Baby Morgan and I've been feeling so-so. It's like a rollercoaster some days. I feel so tired and sleepy in the mornings and then I feel great five minutes later. Hormones much? I've been doing my best to try and work out as much as I can. I mean if you didn't selfie it, it never happened right? 😂 And I've really tried to clean up my eating too. All this processed stuff I've been chomping on all seems to taste the same. 

How Far Along: 17 Weeks and 1 Day
Total Weight Gain: Gained a pound, woo! Still negative five from where I started though. 
Maternity Clothes: I bought two belly bands at Target this week. They were 90% off - so I spent a whopping $4.98 on both. 😋
Sleeping: Still sleeping in, trying to get moving more during the day. 
Best Moment This Week: Spending time at home with the dogs and hubby! 
Movement: Nothing so far.  
Food Cravings: Really none this week, but I have been eating a lot of red and yellow peppers. 
Sickness or Health: 72 hours vomit free! Yay!  
Mood: Moody is still my middle name. 
Pregnancy Wisdom: Baby Morgan can suck her thumb now. 👍
Weekly Milestone: We bought a pack-n-play, seriously such a deal we could not pass up!  

I've been staying away from the clothes and shoe isles in the baby departments I promise but first let me tell you about this pack-n-play. Jimmy and I added it to our Amazon baby registry and over the past three weeks, we have literally watched it plummet from $119 to a whopping $45. Ummm, what?! I watched it for another few days and temptation obviously got the best of me because it now occupies a space in our bedroom. 😏 Athena clearly isn't a fan as you can see from her face. 

I caught flack from some people because I bought off my own registry but hey, guess what? This puppy is now back up to $65 - which is still a good deal but I'm all about saving money. And if I can't buy any more clothes, I'll just buy what we'll eventually need always. I also thought that any product with over 300 reviews that results in four and a half stars would be a good thing to have. Especially when our house is split plan and the nursery is across the house. It seems so far away for such a little babe during the night. So stay tuned for an update a year down the line. 😁 

We also added some of these products to our registry on Amazon. I'm totally embracing having a girl now as you can tell from all of the pink colors. Every thing is just too cute to pass up! 

I'm totally obsessing over all of the Burt's Bees Baby outfits and bedding. Every piece of clothing is so soft and the bedding feels so heavenly! They're products seriously take up half of our baby registry already. I also thought the car seat canopy was a genius idea because it also converts to a nursing scarf and a grocery cart cover. Plus I think having a covered carseat which avoids all of those people who think its okay to touch a newborn out in public is a total win for me. And honestly, that diaper bag - hey a girl can dream! Maybe a nice little push gift, hint, hint Jimmy. 💕

This upcoming week just brings three shifts at the hospital and then I'll be in California for a long weekend to spend time with my friend Jamie and her adorable little babes! I can't wait to be in cooler weather without a worry in sight. I hope this week brings everyone positivity and recovery - especially everyone still battling weather effects in Texas. And I pray that the hurricane brewing the Atlantic steers clear of my home state and stays far far away from anyone else! 🙏 I don't think we can handle much more disaster.


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