Well folks, we've made it halfway! Halfway through pregnancy and hopefully more than halfway until we get to meet little girl! Things have been pretty routine around here at the Morgan household. I've been working a lot and I'm a little disappointed to report that the days seems to fly by. Time needs to SLOW down! 😓

We're slowly gearing up for the holidays here in Florida, although it doesn't feel at all like we're rolling into October! I swear this time of the year always gets me down in the dumps. I try to get in the holiday spirit but its hard when theres so much heat, hence why I'm watching Nightmare Before Christmas as I write this. I need a pick me up! I need seasons people! This ninety degree weather seriously gets old when you're trying to decorate for fall or winter. I'm so jealous of all the northerners as they experience leaf changes and cooler temperatures. 🎃🎄 I'm also planning my sister's bridal shower set to take place in November which is super exciting! Bring on the flowers, cake and bridal brunch! 🍩 There is so much coming in the next few months which ends with meeting our little one before we know it! Her anatomy scan is set for Thursday so I'm getting pretty anxious to lay eyes on her and count all of her fingers and toes!

How Far Along: 20 Weeks and 6 Days
Total Weight Gain: I lost the weight I had gained unintentionally so I'm nervous what my doctors appointment will bring. Still negative 3 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight. 
Maternity Clothes: I've been avoiding my jeans lately, still living in dresses. 😁
Sleeping: I'm not sure if its my work schedule but I have the hardest time falling asleep lately. I've been sleeping from 3am until around 10 or 11am. 
Best Moment This Week: Having Jimmy put together baby's crib and receiving her vintage rug. 
Movement: She's a mover, especially between 12am and 1am. Late night partier! 
Food Cravings: Back on the french fry kick. 😟
Sickness or Health: No vomiting this week! Hallelujah!   
Mood: I'm definitely nesting. I want to throw our entire house out and start over! Did anyone else do this when they were pregnant?! 
Pregnancy Wisdom: Baby Morgan has sleep cycles, which explains why she's up late hours!  
Weekly Milestone: Starting to actually feel pregnant. I can start telling a difference with this little belly of mine! 

I've been told this is probably the last time we will have an ultrasound until she's born so I'm really looking forward to my appointment this week. Slowly her room is coming together and I've spend the last of my diaper coupons so no more baby buying until she gets here! Or so I tell myself. Our registry is completed at Target and Amazon, however I find myself deleting items and adding more daily so if any of you experienced moms out there have any suggestions for me I will gladly take them! Its so hard to register for 'must have' baby products when you've never had a baby before! 😂 

I hope every one is enjoying their weekend! Tomorrow I plan to finish painting our hallways in the house. They have been bare since we moved in and I think it's time to pull the rest of our house together with the spare bedrooms and the nursery. I swear it's part of the nesting process. Purging and painting. That has been my agenda for this weekend. I think next weekend my mom and sister are going to make a trip to IKEA to pick up a dresser and some shelves for little girl. Decisions, decisions! Wish us luck! 


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