We've almost made it halfway! Well technically tomorrow we have. It's so crazy to think that Jimmy and I have had a baby baking in there for almost five whole months. This year is flying by and I have a feeling its just going to keep flying by just as quickly!

We have our 20 week appointment and anatomy scan coming up, Jimmy and I are so excited to see the little gal we've created. I have well wishes she will come out with dark hair like Jimmy and with my green eyes! Fingers crossed! This will be our last ultrasound that is 'medically' necessary so I'm looking forward to seeing her during the scan. I think this week its actually become more real that theres a little nugget in there which makes the connection to this pregnancy much stronger. I can feel her moving move and move everyday, not to mention I woke up with this belly that just seems to grow slowly bigger by the day! 💝

How Far Along: 19 Weeks and 6 Days
Total Weight Gain: Gained 3 lbs, still minus 1 lb from my pre pregnancy weight. 
Maternity Clothes: No official maternity clothes, but I have bought a few t-shirt dresses ↑ that I have decided to live in.  
Sleeping: Soaking up as much sleep as possible in these last 4 months. 
Best Moment This Week: Walked to End Alzheimer's with some of my friends, and picking out nursery furniture/paint with Jimmy. 
Movement: Feeling definite movement especially when laying flat trying to sleep.
Food Cravings: Nothing crazy, just trying to balance healthy eating and the "I'm pregnant" splurges.
Sickness or Health: No vomiting!   
Mood: I've feeling motivated and excited for these upcoming weeks. 😋
Pregnancy Wisdom: Baby Morgan can now suck her thumb! 
Weekly Milestone: Feeling her move! 🎀👣

We've really gone into overdrive this past week prepping the nursery. Paint swatches, furniture, and accessories galore! It's overwhelming honestly. I've been envisioning this picture in my head and I feel like its been such a journey to track down every little piece of of that vision so far. Pinterest can really get a girl going I tell you. Target also makes it really difficult not to buy everything in their stores. Shocking right? To all the other Target addicts out there, probably not, but this is what my nursery vision entails so far. 
Crib from Target

Macrame Wall Decor from Etsy

Wire Basket \\ A - Z Book Ends both found at Target

Vintage Distressed Rug ( <--- similar found here on Amazon )

I fell in love with a crib from BuyBuyBaby originally but after really evaluating what we wanted and seeing what would be the most beneficial to Jimmy and I during our baby's first few years, it just didn't fit the scene so we decided on a much more budget friendly crib and furniture set. I'm also into unique little knick knacks like these A-Z bookends and these wire baskets. I just want to fill them with little blankies and swaddles. I've also been eyeing all of these swoon worthy wall decor that I feel with tie everything together and give the room a unique girly look. 

We also picked out a zillion paint swatches which I narrowed down to six different colors. I was really torn between 'Quartz Blush' and 'Romantic Mauve' from HGTV's Sherwin William's collection at Lowes. It was such a hard choice because the vision I had but ultimately I chose the mauve color. I came home Saturday from the End to Alzheimer's walk and the entire room was painted thanks to Jimmy. He was busy as a bee cutting new baseboards and crown molding. SWOOON! 😍😍😍

The Contenders 

CAUTION: Dad at Work 🔨🔧

I thought it was a lot of pink at first glance on the walls but once it dried and the woodwork was placed I was really happy with the turn out. Not to mention Jimmy has worked so hard to paint, cut boards, not to mention grout and lay all the tile, it made me so proud to see him create this oasis for our little girl! Seeing such a massive transformation in just a couple months excites me for the upcoming weeks and I can't wait to see what the room will finally look like. I'm trying to enjoy the journey without focusing so much on the end result. 

I've been off for a few days and I'm looking forward to starting the week back to work. I've been purging our house of all the 'junk' we've been collecting over the years. Nesting has started early folks. I just feel that I need to rid the house of all the unnecessary stuff that clutters our life before little miss comes into our world and it makes me feel really at ease after donating it all. Almost relieving. As for this week, I hope that peace and positivity makes its way into each and everyone's lives who stumbles across this. Cheers to Monday everyone! 💕

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