Yup! We're pregnant! We as in I, but none the less it takes two to tango! 😉 And let me first begin that this was a COMPLETE surprise to Jimmy and I. So to all my lady friends out there, take note: even if you're on birth control, surprises can and do happen! 

My due date is February 11th of next year and we're excited to announce that we are welcoming a new little girl to our family! I had completely envisioned having a boy since the moment I found out and I'm embarrassed to admit that my mind went immediately blank when we found out Baby Morgan was actually a girl! Everything I had on Pinterest was now officially a lie! 😆 However, as the weeks go on, Jimmy and I find ourselves consumed with baby products, conversations and secretly, I've started planning her first birthday party already! 

We had these amazing photography done by our friend Heather who owns her own photography business at Heather Marie Photographer. And I can't help but say nothing but positive things about her and her talent! She has done all of our holiday cards, my godson's birth, my best friend's maternity and wedding photos, and every time she delivers such amazing work! 💕

We first told my parents and Jimmy's on 4th of July. We surprised my parents with a cake that said "Red, White & Due - Baby Morgan Coming February 2018" and Jimmy's parents - we called them to "show them all the house projects we were doing". 

So Jimmy started out by showing them all the landscaping and the grass, then he moved on to the office where he had just laid tile, and finally went to the spare bedroom where he had just pulled up all the carpet and Jimmy's dad just happened to ask if that was the spare room and Jimmy said "Yeah, but its going to be the future nursery." Each reaction to both surprise was absolutely priceless and I'm so glad I didn't have to squeamishly avoid the baby topic whenever it was brought up at my mom's house anymore. 😂

This Sunday marked 15 Weeks for me and the little babe and I refuse to take any "belly" pictures because I honestly don't have much of one except for when I finish my guilt eating of carbs. The only thing that doesn't make me want to puke all over the place. Eating has become such a gamble I swear and I've learned over the past few months I need to proceed with caution. To be honest, I've eaten a lot of french fries. 😁But I wanted to share a little summary that I stole from Pinterest of what's been going on so far because I've had a lot of questions about this little human I've been growing! 

How Far Along: 15 Weeks and 1 Day
Total Weight Gain: -  Minus 6lbs 😩 but my jeans are still tighter!
Maternity Clothes: None, but I have started unbuttoning my jeans behind my belt. 😋
Sleeping: When am I not sleeping? 
Best Moment This Week: Going back to the gym this morning. I've been so tired and nauseous to go lately. 
Movement: Just the gurgling in my stomach telling me to eat. 
Food Cravings: Chocolate milk and french fries. 😁
Sickness or Health: Sickness, whenever and wherever it seems to strike. 
Mood: Moody for sure. I'm blaming the hormones. 
Pregnancy Wisdom: Stop drinking water a few hours before bed. Or proceed to pee every hour on the hour. 
Weekly Milestone: Started our Target and Amazon registry. 💜

I can't wait to share with you all these next upcoming months. Time has flown by already since we found out and I can only imagine time is going to continue to fly through the holidays! 

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