Ladies & Gentleman! I present to you TreeHouse Point! Tucked away about thirty-five minutes east of Seattle, in the lush greenery of Issaquah, Washington, this treehouse B&B was our home for forty-eight hours! From the moment we pulled in the drive we were treated like family! The wonderful staff at TreeHouse Point made us feel so welcome and at peace the entire time we were there!

So first things first! TreeHouse point was created by Pete Nelson - you might've seen him on TreeHouse Masters, a show dedicated to people and the process of building one of these beauties right in their own backyard! Up until we visited, I had no idea there was even a show, I had just discovered TreeHouse Point from late night Pinterest cruising. 

We stayed in the treehouse called Upper Pond and it was the one of six total on the property. There was a main lodge where breakfast was served daily and they also had a room available to rent as well if treehouse weren't your thing on the second story. Aside from being up in a tree, it was pretty much like staying in a hotel. There was fresh linens and a very calm and inviting atmosphere in every where you looked. The treehouse had working electricity and had fresh water delivered daily with tea and coffee. It was perfect! 

Our front porch on Upper Pond.

A look inside 😍 

Bunk beds, a queen bed & a sitting area to boot! Excuse the sheets! 😋

Our treehouse was one of two that had a composting toilet for emergencies during the night. Right in the middle of the property there were three small cabins ↑ that had full bathrooms ↓ complete with heat! These bathrooms were absolutely amazing, especially when Jimmy and I got back from a long hike. It was so nice to have heat like a sauna and to take a hot shower after being drenched in the rain. The little touches made the biggest impact, they had shampoo, conditioner, body wash and all sort of bath products already waiting so you didn't need to lug anything back and forth to bathrooms every time. 

Our first night at Treehouse Point we had a little fire in the pit provided and and we found a Trader Joe's about 10 minutes away so we bought a few bottles of wine. It was nice to unwind away from reality for a few hours without a care in the world. As the night progressed, the air got chillier and the sky was so black there were thousands of stars! After we put out the fire we took out wine up to our room and sat on the front porch and continued to star watch. 😊 It was so quiet and peaceful! 

The next morning, Jimmy and I made our way into the main lodge and were treated with fresh coffee and a home made breakfast with fresh fruit. I think one of the best parts about staying at the B&B was that since there were only six treehouses, there weren't many people there. We all sat around the breakfast table they had and got to know each other. It was so nice to meet new people and all share in the moment of such a magical experience! 

As far as the property was concerned, every step was just as beautiful as the next. There were a few different paths behind the treehouse that led down to this picture perfect scene! ↓ Thankfully, I brought my rain boots so I could properly explore! We spent the day soaking in Mother Nature and walking different hiking trials until we our feet felt like they would fall off. The lodge had such an awesome set up with a fire place and fresh coffee and so many different books it was hard not to be attracted to it upon our return. 

And if you haven't had enough, here's more pictures of the other treehouse at TreeHouse Point! 

Little Buddha outside of Temple of the Blue Moon

Temple of the Blue Moon TreeHouse

Upper Pond TreeHouse

Bonbibi TreeHouse

Trillium TreeHouse

The Nest TreeHouse

 A little rest and relaxation had never felt so good for our bodies and for our souls. I can't rave enough about the time we had and I guarantee Jimmy & I will return one day soon! See you soon TreeHouse Point! 


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