I have seriously neglected this little haven for a few weeks. Sorry guys! 😬 Life just doesn't stop for anyone and thats okay. I just wanted to give you guys a little update and let everyone know that we are STILL alive!

I started my LAST semester of my BSN this month and I am so swapped with research papers and discussion boards that I have honestly pushed any posts on here to the back burner, but I'll be done the first week of August so hang tight everyone! Jimmy started traveling a lot for work and also got accepted to a Master's program which he starts this fall as well. I'm super excited for him to start this new chapter! I told you, theres tons of stuff that has been going on lately!

We've also taken over some remodeling projects in our house. A while back, Athena got out of her cage and decided to rip up our spare bedroom carpet so we took advantage of her head start and Jimmy has almost finished the tile in that room. It just needs a seal and wa-la! I promise pictures when he finishes! While he has been busy inside the house, I've taken advantage of all of this rainy weather and started sprucing up our front walk way with these beauties! ↓

Our neighbors and a few of my friends have Plumeria trees and I these flowers are absolutely breath taking in person! The colors are just so vibrant so after drooling over some blooms at a family BBQ a few weeks back, I caved and bought a few of these babies for our backyard! Right now they're in giant pots because I want them to mature a little bit more before putting them in the ground. We have a few diggers amongst our ranks and I'd had for the fur babies to dig these magical flowers up. 🌸 But seriously aren't they beautiful?! 

Besides daily life, work and classes, I managed to steal away a trip with one of my dear friends to see Dierks Bentley, Cole Swindell and Jon Pardi! I saw he was coming on tour and just HAD to go and see Dierks Bentley! We were so lucky to score tickets in the pit area right by the stage and it was the best concert I have ever been to! He literally ran around the amphitheater halfway through the concert and preformed right in the middle of the arena, I've never seen anyone with such passion like they all did. It was totally worth all the the drive and Ali even scored a $6 corndog! We had a great time and ended the evening with 1AM pizza in our hotel beds! 😊😊

Life is good! 


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