Nurses week kicks off today and I'm just going to throw it out there - whoever made this day a national celebration, we as nurses can't thank you enough! Even though yes, it is our job, it feels so good to be showered with love for a whole week!

People have such a mixed complex about nurses and its pretty comical to me. No, we aren't rolling in a bed full of money (sometimes it feels like a bed full of poop) and no, we didn't get into the field to marry a doctor. And yes, while we're on the topic, we actually do use my stethoscope.

We also cater to the ones who aren't feeling their best, the dying and even the needy. And I'm ever so thankful that I don't do it alone. I am part of this bond that no one else can fully understand unless you're in it, right in the thick of things. Unless you're part of the nurse's club. The club that requires long hours on your feet, putting out fires that aren't necessarily yours, and missing important time with our loved ones so we can be there for others on their worst days. I wouldn't trade this career for any other! 

So heres to me & to the millions of nurses out there in the world! 💕 
Happy Nurses Week! 

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