I started this post probably 20 times and I just can't get the words that I want from my head to the computer. I had this whole plan for Nurse's Week with some postings that fell through and I've kinda been MIA because I was too mad at myself for not preparing ahead of time. Also partly, because we have been so busy. Right when I thought we couldn't get any more things crammed into our life, I had end of semester finals, Jimmy graduated, my in-laws and niece we in town AND we took a cross country vacation! It's so hard for me to look at the calendar and see that yet again another month is upon us! Time is so bittersweet!

Happy news! Jimmy graduated easier in the month and we were so blessed to have family and friends supporting him during this special time! His family flew down and stayed a long weekend with us, it was the perfect jumpstart to this month. It was the first time Jimmy's niece Colleen and my nephew Harden had met and technically they're cousins so it was pretty cool to watch them hang out and do cousin things. 😀

It was such a moment to watch Jimmy walk across the stage and graduate with his Bachelors degree. I am so proud of everything he has accomplished the last four years, working and going to school full time! It wasn't an easy journey for him but he persevered through! I also thought it was really cool that Jimmy graduated almost seven years to the day that I graduated high school in the EXACT SAME building! It's funny how life works out. Everything truly does happen for a reason!

After graduation, we had a family lunch together. Jimmy could only invite four people because it was the largest class FIT had every graduated so not everyone could go. We then had a BBQ at my mom's house the next day for more family and friends to fare Jimmy best wishes, it was a special weekend. 😊💖 Unfortunately, we had to take Jimmy's parents and niece back to the airport Monday night which made us incredibly sad, but we hope to visit them in September which will be here before we know it!  

We didn't have much time from the weekend, literally like 36 hours, until we were packing up for a week long trip to Washington - which was phenomenal by the way! I promise, many postings to come on our Seattle trip, so many I promise you'll be so sick of it! I hope this month has been just as good to everyone as it has been to our family! 

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