For a very long time I have always had an 'okayishhh' self-image. I have always viewed myself as 'average' person and to me that was good enough. And when I say average, I don't mean in looks but also in personality, in schoolwork, in my job, and in life too. I had always seen myself as just another face in the crowd, blending in without any deviation from anyone else. I used to lay in bed most nights and think to myself 'is this really all life has to offer?'. I felt like everything was so routine - work, school, sleep, wake-up, work, school, sleep - so mundane, but I thought that was adult life was supposed to feel like. I was naive.

About a year ago, I made a decision to change what I could. I couldn't change the world but I could change my perspective towards it. I decided that I would no longer view the world through a looking glass. I needed to view the world from my true feelings instead of how the humanity was telling me to perceive it. I used to think that when people change its always negative but I don't necessarily think thats true anymore. I think people change people their soul needs to. They reach a point in their lives where their soul needs to grow and discover new things, have new experiences and even interact with new people. If thats negative to some, then so be it. This isn't a perfect world.

As you can see under my 'About Me' on my sidebar ⇢ (its quite small at the moment, I'm working on it I promise 😉) I do consider myself a soul searcher. As put by definition, its an honest evaluation of your feelings and motives. Part of my soul searching includes bettering myself. Not for others but for just so, myself.

Melbourne Causeway, Florida

Not only do I strive for a healthy mind, but also a healthy body. I no longer settle for the same routine like existence, I actively participate in my life instead of letting it buckle me into the passenger seat. This little slice of heaven sits in my own backyard and is what I'd like to define as 'free therapy'. I recently started running it and have found peace on many occasions across those waters. To be able to get lost in music (see my current playlist below) as cars pass me on one side and the river on the other is nothing more than pure bliss. Not to mention the views are pretty much to die for. On days like today with the temperatures creeping up into the high 80's, it was still a great run! 

I didn't always run and I am far from an exercise expert. However, I am an expert on how to get my 'average' self off the couch and do something productive. Part of distancing myself from such a negative stigma was concentrating on my health. More so recently in the past two months as I was the heaviest I had ever weighed (blog post to come on that in the future). 😬 With a little bit of research and dedication, I have really buckled down and have started taken my health seriously. And in doing so, my 'okayishhhh' self-image has sky rocketed. I hate to admit that it has taken me almost twenty-seven years to genuinely care about myself but its true. ⇣ And in case you were wondering WEAK | AJR has been my theme song lately! 🙌🙌🙌

2017 Workout Playlist

"Don't ever let your starting point dictate where you finish"

"Don't ever let your starting point dictate where you finish"

Self Love - katiescarlettchronicles

By no means do I think I'm perfect. No. I'm still working out the kinks a little bit at a time. But what I am saying is that we only get this one. life. and we should get everything we can out of it! Unless reincarnation is a real thing, & in that case sign me up for something majestic! Self love is such an alluring way to live without the monotony. 

Get down to the raw, dirty roots that you wouldn't even want your mother to see (only because she loves you unconditionally). Find out what you can't stand about yourself and do what you can to change it. I mean after all, we're the sole individuals who have to live with ourselves. Take care of your body, your mind and just as much take care of others who are in need. 

Because at the end of the day while I'm laying in bed, I'm the only one left with my thoughts. And every day I strive for them to tell me that I've done everything in my power to be a happy, loving and kind person towards the rest of this busy and definitely cruel world. If that isn't a beautiful life, then I don't know what is. 

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