This past week was very special in our household because on Wednesday, drum roll please.....


I kept saying "I can't believe you're going to be 30!" 

Being that I was working last weekend, and these next few upcoming weekends and his birthday fell on a weekday, we decided a simple dinner celebration and a little "donut cake" since in a couple weeks we're going to Seattle for his graduation. I got the idea from Pinterest because Jimmy and I aren't super crazy about regular cakes. Every birthday, leftovers usually sit in our fridge for about month until one of us decides to do the grown up chore and toss it. I will proudly admit without any guilt, this baby didn't even make it to his actual birthday before Jimmy and I decided we'd only have just one. Well, one turned into two andddddddd now we probably have diabetes. 

Donut Cake
Donuts make the world go round! 🍩

Birthday boy & his favorite girl! 🐄 

Pre-dinner photo! 

Yellow Dog CafeYellow Dog Cafe
Dinner & a view! 🍷🍴

Jimmy's only birthday request was that we have dinner at his favorite restaurant. The food is awesome but the views are honestly even better in my opinion. It sits right on the edge of the river and its such a great time to eat outside while enjoying the weather. With our busy schedules, it was a nice change of pace to actually sit down and have a meal with each other without the dogs jumping all over the table or distractions like our phones. Too often we forget to how to live in the moment and truly enjoy present time. I'm learning that time pities no one, and its starting to speed up the older we get. 😩

I mean Jimmy just turned 30! Where did the time go?! 

It's so hard to imagine that when Jimmy and I first met he was 21 and I was 19. It's even harder to imagine that we've been together for almost 10 years! 10 YEARS! How is that even possible? We were such little babies when we met without a care in the world. Jimmy was still enlisted and I was just doing whatever I decided seemed like a good idea that day. No car payments, no mortgage, no worries. Time has surely been good to us and its crazy to look back and see how much Jimmy has succeeded in such a short amount of time. His twenties are gone but I have a feeling his thirties are only going to bring him better things! 💙

Happy Birthday Jimmy! 



  1. Happy birthday to Jimmy, looks like you guys had fun! My wife turned 30 last year, and we also made a big celebration out of it. Omg, I want those donuts! Great blog post! :)
    P.S. how did u get that 'Pin It' thing at the bottom of your posts?

    1. Thanks! :) I believe the actual "Pin it" came with the template that I installed, I didn't really notice it until you mentioned it, however I did install the Pinterest button as well.