EASTER - 2017

While April has practically come and gone I wanted to take the time to wish you & yours a Happy Easter from me & mines. 💝 Almost a week later, yeahhhhh - but better late than never!

We spent the morning at my parent's house where my nephew hunted for Easter eggs and we all sat down for brunch with some family friends. We stuffed ourselves, napped and afterwards Jimmy & I spent the afternoon pricing out some housing projects we want to get started this summer. Then of course we ended the night with our pups & Netflix on our couch. I couldn't have asked for any better of a Sunday.

While it is no secret to my family and friends, it may come as a shock to some that Jimmy and I are not religious. Easter has become more of a family holiday to us than a recognition of Jesus Christ's resurrection.

I don't know exactly when him or I stopped believing in religion, we just didn't. We both grew up going to church and believing in God and we were raised under those beliefs. While we were dating, the topic of believing wasn't brought up until later on in our relationship. It was just something we never acknowledged seriously until we decided to become husband and wife. We didn't find it necessary to have a wedding, & we eloped two weeks after telling our family and friends we were getting married. We said our vows under God's oath as in traditional vows are written and even though its not something we believe in, it doesn't make our marriage any less valid than others.  We have since talked about religion and I've questioned how we'll decide to approach the topic if our children were to ever ask. I feel that honesty would be the best policy and our kids can decide for themselves if welcoming God & Jesus Christ into their hearts is something they would like to pursue.

As for myself I never experienced anything traumatic that turned me off to religion and I never "found my light" as some others did going to church, I don't know, it just never clicked for me. I'm not anti-religion and I would never force my opinions on the matter on anyone else. While some people might find this odd or even controversial to discuss, and thats fine, talking about religion doesn't bother me. I don't think not believing in God makes me any less of a good person and I don't believe when I die I'm going to hell because of it.

I once had a patient who was nearing death and was being discharged to go home on hospice. Her doctors estimated she had just 2 weeks or so left to live. We had a very long talk during the end of my shift one night and I'll never forget the words she said to me. She talked about her experiences and the life she had lived because her family didn't want to admit that she was dying. She told me she never had kids because she didn't believe she could provide for them in the way she had hoped. I asked her to explain and she told me it was because she didn't believe in God and her in-laws scrutinized her for it for the rest of her marriage. She told me that she gave up children with her husband because of someone else's belief. I went on to ask her if she believed in God now and she told me no. She told me she wasn't afraid to die because if God really did exist he wouldn't send a good person to hell. I hate to admit it but I agreed with her, I still do.
Haruki Murakami
It took her exactly 28 days after I discharged her to pass and I will never forget her or her words. I found her obituary in the paper and I said a prayer. I didn't pray to God, I just prayed to the universe and I let my words go to wherever they went. I prayed that wherever she was, she was at peace and was free from suffering, physically and mentally. I prayed for her family & for their grief. She was the first person I sent home to die.

In light of the Easter holiday, no matter what the holiday stands for or how people choose to celebrate, I want to tell you want I do believe in. I believe in graciousness. I believe in being thoughtful and kind. I believe in helping others to the best of my ability, through my personal life & through my career. I believe in being aware of myself, my family and others at all times. I believe that my choices in life affect everyone else no matter how minute I'm connected with the universe. I believe that we can all co-exist in a world in harmony. I believe in my patient who taught me to stand true to myself. And last but not least, I believe I helped her. I believe I helped her find peace in her own death and peace in mind in passing. I believe that no matter what we believe in, we all end up in the same place, some sooner than others. And I believe thats okay.


  1. Great post. I'm truly enjoying reading your body of work. Job well done.

  2. Thanks Gil! :) I appreciate the kind words!