This week has been nonstop on the go! I headed back to the working grind on Tuesday and ended up working until almost 5AM. There was just so many people to be seen, it seemed like the patient rooms were never empty. I had to be at school at noon Wednesday so I came home and slept right up until it was time to go. Discussion postings? Yeahhh, that would have to wait.  

After class, my best friend was going to an event with her husband and I was super excited to be watching my godson while they were out. I arrived a little before they left and she gave me the run down as she was finishing getting ready. My godson was at daycare so I was even more excited to pick him up. Excited and also extremely nervous! My heart melted as I stepped into his classroom and he ran to me yelling my name! That was the best feeling! It literally warmed my heart! We had such a good night but let me tell you what a learning experience it was. I learned a lot Wednesday evening. 

Five Lessons a Toddler Taught Me:

  1. Carseats - they have more buckles then I know what to do with. As I sat my godson in his seat, everything appeared suddenly so foreign. I've put him in his seat a hundred times before with his mom present but now that I was flying solo I was up creek without a paddle. Thankfully, little man led the way and like clockwork put his arms where they needed to go. I lifted the left buckle and he slid his little arm right where it belonged. Same for his other arm. Funny how the smallest task seemed so big!
  2. Dinner - ladies and gentleman, news flash! Dinner is not a formal event for a toddler. He was ever so happy to eat cheese sticks, yogurt and bananas while I was worried about fixing him a three course meal! Once again, he led the way as I scrambled around the kitchen looking for bowls and forks for him to use. Instead he just ate where he stood without a care in the world. 
  3. Bath time - where more water ends up on you then the actual child in the bathtub. Armed with a cup and a giraffe loofa, he was the one giving me the bath instead. A solid five minutes was even dedicated to him dumping water on his own head. Hey, he's still breathing and he's HAPPY, I must be doing something right. 
  4. Disney movies - after getting jams on, we watched Finding Nemo. I knew my godson was smart but this kid knew more words to the movie than I did! I'm not sure which was more animated, him or the actual movie itself! It definitely brought a new element of surprise with jumping, pointing to the tv and him shouting 'oh no' and 'Nemo' throughout the movie. 
  5. Love - the most important lesson of all! Throughout the night, he was just so loving in everything he did. Even at two years old, I could see excitement and passion as he played with his toy animals and their new puppy. After all had settled, he snuggled up next to me and I covered him up. Little kids are so innocent and love so hard at even such a young age. It made me question what exactly hardens us along the way to adulthood? 

I've been around children many times before. I used to be a preschool assistant for years before entering the medical field. I've been in charge of four toddlers before, why did watching ONLY one feel like a life changing event? Well, truth be told, it felt different. It didn't feel like a job, it felt real. I felt new feelings that were never there. Why? Who knows? Maybe because I love my godson more than I could ever put into worlds and seeing him grow before my eyes makes me all mush inside. Maybe because that night a thought crossed my mind about someday putting my own kids to bed. I just know that it was very special for me to spend time with him and to live in the moment just for the night. 

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