While the Northeast has been getting dumped on with snow, we have been getting showered with rainfall! Looks as if Spring has come a few days early. 

I must admit, warm weather runs through these veins of mine, but it is really nice to have a bit of a weather change come our way over the past few days. I've been able to wear rain boots and a messy bun everywhere I go without looking like I've purchased a first class ticket to the hot mess express.

Recently, I undertook the task of landscaping our entire front yard. Walking through Lowe's, I scoured the garden center for anything that might make our front walk show some sort of life again. I swear in a past life I was a florist of some kind and I promise almost weekly I'll return post nursing retirement. I'm obsessed with anything 'garden' so you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across the clearance rack and discovered over ten cases of dried up Snapdragons! I felt like an addict as I literally tossed every marked down, wrinkled flower I could onto my pushcart. It pains me to admit that I actually stared down an elderly women for the very last case. Enter shame here. 😳 

It may have taken me three hours and a round of heat stroke to get them all planted but I couldn't be more pleased with the end result. All of this rain has them blooming so radiantly! 

snapdragon flower
snapdragon flower

My Snapdragons weren't the only thing blooming at lightening speed this early in the year - check out those cluster tomatoes! I can't wait to throw these in some sort of salad, preferably one with pasta. Nothing beats the taste like a fresh off-the-vine tomato. If you were thinking I bought these plants along with the Snapdragons, I'd say you were dearly mistaken - we acquired them in very a special way thanks to three spoiled dogs. 
One day while my husband and I were playing ball with them in the yard, I noticed this dark, leafy plant growing right out of the dirt. With three dogs and the spared graphic details, some areas of our yard grows much quicker than the rest. This tomato plant, I kind you not, was smack dab right in the middle of the greenest patch of grass in our fenced in yard. Baffled how it got there, I immediately went to the garage and dug up this vulnerable plant. Later that day in Publix as I eyed the grape tomatoes, I was struck with horror as I realized how much the dogs love eating these bright red fruits! 

I am the worst/loving dog mother ever - I most definitely need an official class on how to separate my dog from a human as I see them as just the same. Therefore, I give them whatever I am cooking or eating, including grape tomatoes. As this theory was formulating in my head, I tracked down my husband in the grocery store and found myself regurgitating how this 'poop plant' came about in our back yard. He was quite skeptical of my theory, up until the other day when a second 'poop plant' appeared in the same dark green patch as the first one did! 

 grape tomato plant
 grape tomato plant

After replanting this second tomato plant, I am happy to say that they are blooming and growing as if they hadn't ever been moved. Even though it took a few days for the bewilderment to wear off of how these plants potentially came about, I am pleased to say that I can't wait until they start to yield ripened tomatoes. I mean honestly, would I rather eat food that has an au natural flair or something sprayed daily with pesticides? At least I can say my 'poop' fruits are homegrown! 🍅😉

Happy Spring everyone!  

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