Live Simply. Sounds easy enough. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case as we are bogged down with materialism almost daily. I am guilty of shopping weekly at Marshalls, HomeGoods or wherever else my debit card may take me. Weekly - probably more like daily to be honest. I am guilty of buying 'this or that' because its 'just SOOO cute' or would 'look adorable' somewhere in my house. But really, is that a reason to to bring it into my home? In the grand scheme of things, its kinda overwhelming. 

These thoughts all began when I finished painting a little hallway leading to our garage and laundry room. I took it from drab and dirty thanks to our three dogs and gave it a fresh face lift to walk into after a long day's work. It just looked so simple after I rehung the calendar board I bought about six months ago. This too came from Marshalls and I have yet to use it other than my printed out work schedule. 😂 I mean its a cute calendar, I should really invest in expo markers and get my moneys worth out of it. 

Anyways, back to my point - just one wall hanging and my mindset was changed. I began looking around the house and realized just how much unnecessary stuff we had laying around. I felt as if we were living in clutter with knick knacks littering the house. I found myself feeling angry and anxious looking at my home instead of feeling proud and content. I had crossed the line between decorating to excessive REALLLL quick! I made it a point to gather at lest ten items from each room I no longer found useful. 

Surprisedly, the process was pretty stressful! More so mentally than anything. I really didn't want to part with these things and I was having back and forth arguments about why I should keep stuff I hadn't touched in months! The biggest transformation came from our master bedroom. A few months ago, we bought new bedroom furniture for Christmas. It only took a matter of weeks for my spending habits to litter it with junk that serves absolutely no purpose. Don't get me wrong, I love a good bowl and decor tray just like any other housewife but my point is, it has to have a place in order to avoid the Goodwill bin. Our bedroom sanctuary was in need of another makeover and I can tell you it looks and FEELS so much more comforting already!


One of the first things I made sure to do was find a place for everything I use almost daily. Instead of keeping the euro and throw pillows on the floor all day, I just made the damn bed. And if anyone knows me, this is a HUGE accomplishment. Making the bed will kill me one day, I swear it will be my cause of death! It is my most feared chore. But it made such a difference!  Not only did it make the room look more clean and up kept but it made me feel good too! It made me feel proud to have nice things and a nice home to live in. The momentum continued to my night stand that is constantly being abused. After working late hours I literally just throw my stuff everywhere, taking a 'I'll do it in the morning' approach. 

------> Insert bowl and decor dish here. Again, I bought these and they just accumulated so much crap they were pretty much overflowing. After cleaning out receipts, coupons, gum! and whatever else was living at the bottom of that bowl, it looks so much better! I literally had three more candles next to the one showed, and for what reason other than living in excess? It didn't make any sense. 😦 

To be honest, our bedroom and the rest our house will probably have more clutter days than I'd like to admit and it will probably take a little more self talk on my part at Marshalls to 'put the room spray down', but I'm hopeful. I'm hopeful that as our household evolves, I will discover the beauty in simple living and the potential to live a less cluttered, more happy life. 

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