I hate to admit that I haven't been as regular in writing posts as I would like to. Life is just too busy these days and its happening so quickly that this blog has kinda been pushed to the side for a moment. And thats okay, I'm still here. I'm taking in each and every second that I can and truly trying to live in the moment.

I must admit, it isn't easy working and going to school - both at a full time pace. I don't know who's idea it was, but we thought having my husband do the same was a good one. Did I mention we work pretty much opposite of each other? So I officially turn into a stage five clinger 99% of the time when we are together. Probably not one of my best wifely qualities. Then we thought heck we've made it this fair, we might as well throw three LARGE dogs into the mix and just cross our fingers and hope for the best. It amazes me that the house isn't a pile of smoking rumble by the end of the week at times.

Thank God for friends though. I swear they are the glue that keeps the rest of your life together. Recently, I took a break from this chaotic life of mine and I was in two weddings. Well, they were about five months apart but none the less it was such a magical time to experience with my closest friends. Friends that I have known for as long as it took me to know what a friend actually meant. Best friends. Both of them made such beautiful brides to put it so generically. They were more than beautiful! Call me crazy but they were more like majestic - something right out of a movie.

To stare at these newly wedded women it makes me realize how lucky I am to be surrounded by such great people. I think it's such a blessing in life to truly find your place in a crowd and to be able to call it home amongst all the happening things going on. I remember feeling such a warm, genuine light feeling while standing next to both of them at the alter. Happiness for them overtook me and I am just so excited to see what life has to bring both of them, their spouses and their families. It's so hard for me to find words to describe how much I love not only these brides but the people I'm surrounded by in these photos. As a group we have all come so far as individuals while making each other so much better people in the process. There are countless memories, stories and inside jokes that bring a smile to my face - even currently as I'm writing this.

They say you only get one once in a lifetime friend, I find that not to be true. I've found a group of lifelong friends, some that are not pictured, some that even live distances away but have supported me just the same no matter what life has thrown at me, exactly as this group has. I didn't really have a direction for this posting, but I know that I am extremely lucky and blessed to have the relationships I do. I know that at any given time I am never alone and that I am loved, and what a privilege that is in this life to have.

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