Dansko Professional Nursing Clogs

24 hours. 24 hours in the past 2 days I've worked in these shoes. I have walked miles up and down a maze of hallways. These shoes know the routine. They have learned the way. Every path, back hallway, elevator and exam room. They are no stranger to the hospital tile they walk upon.

These shoes have carried me from patient to patient who are in need of help in some way, shape or form. They've seen the elderly who have many stories to tell, the middle aged who are caught up in everyday tasks and even innocent children who have yet to begin to live a life of their own. These shoes have seen patients who are able to walk and others that have been pushed in wheelchairs. They've seen patients and family members that have repeatedly asked the same questions and repeatedly, have received the same answers with a smile.

These shoes may look bright, shiny and new but in reality they hold dark secrets beneath the leather seams. They have seen people who are anything but bright and full of life. These shoes have worn blood, urine and any other bodily fluid you can think of. These shoes don't complain. Every shift they are cleaned multiple times with any sanitizing wipes I can get my hands on, anticipating the next patient and what they will bring.

These shoes have witnessed dark moments. They have seen people who are distraught with uncertainty, clinging to hope that they may get to leave in a better state than they arrived. These shoes have seen pain, tears and a multitude of sadness in their short journey on my feet. They have greeted ambulances and said goodbye to those departing by helicopter in search of more intense care. These shoes have seen skin of every color: red, pink, black, brown, white, and sometimes even blue.

These shoes have witnessed life begin and have witnessed life end for others. They've seen hearts that have been healed and beating hearts that have stopped. These shoes have been the holding foundation for me in moments where I have seen others fall. These shoes are a crutch to help me carry on when I won't allow myself to display any emotion. They have kept me humble and appreciative in times when I've felt sorry for myself. These shoes are a reminder that tragedy is a very real thing that can happen at any time. They have kept a record of every person I've ever cared for, even the ones I can't remember. These shoes are more than just shoes.

24 hours. 24 hours in the past 2 days I've worked in these shoes and I can't think of a better pair to continue to walk in every day other than these.

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