When I told my husband I wanted to create a website dedicated to blog writing, I thought he would look at me like I had just grown five heads. Fortunately for me, he sat down immediately and by the end of the night, my inspiration had been brought to life and Katie Scarlett Chronicles had been born.

For starters, I knew I wanted to incorporate my name into the title to completely own what I was posting. However, after a decent amount of time searching 'Katie Scarlett" on Google, I was amazed at how many other people out there with my exact name wanted their voice heard too. It was then after searching for the perfect word to establish myself from the rest that I found - chronicle, defined as:

  1. 1
    a factual written account of important or historical events in the order of their occurrence.

  1. 1
    record (a related series of events) in a factual and detailed way.

This intrigued me because it described exactly how I wanted to start my blog. I want to record important or historical events in the order that they occur in my life from this day forward. Secretly, I had been thinking of blogging for quite sometime, I have just never taken the leap of faith or verbalized it to anyone. Well, maybe to my dogs, but they're excellent at keeping secrets.

Now, as I sit here sipping my coffee, a million ideas and concerns (about 99% concerns) are running through my head. "What do I write? Will people even read it? Maybe it will bring someone new meaning to my life? Does this mean I can write about food?!" "No, Katie you can't just write about food!" It goes on and on...

In time I know that I'll find my niche only by writing, and this blog may take direction towards a particular topic in which is unknown currently. My aspirations are that whoever reads my blog posts, wherever they may be, I hope that a message is heard and they can take something positive away from it.

Closing, I am inviting you on this journey with me. Peace & love!

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